Flexible Course Formats

Flexible Course Formats Help You Move Mountains!

Our Instructional Methods

The Criminal Justice Program offers a variety of instructional methods which provide you flexibility and the opportunity to excel in this competitive field.

Traditional Classes:

  • All class sessions meet regularly with the instructor.
  • This format allows for the maximum amount of student–teacher and student–student interaction.
  • As a result, you have individualized assistance regularly available!
  • These courses are listed as 100-level (i.e., 101, 102, etc.) sections in the class schedule.

Online Classes:

  • The entire course is available completely online using our Desire2Learn platform. While there are no class meetings, your course will be guided by your instructor.
  • This type of class offers maximum flexibility. You can complete coursework at times to fit your work or family obligations. However, just like hybrid courses, assignment deadlines apply.
  • These courses are more intense because you are completing the same amount of work as a 15-week course, but in much less time, either 5 or 10 weeks in length. These formats enable you to fit their education around their work and home life. But even though the course is online, there is interaction with the instructor and other students so you do not feel isolated.
  • These are listed as 200-level (i.e., 201, 202, etc.) sections in the class schedule.

Hybrid Classes:

  • This format consists of some class meetings with the instructor, and some part taught online, using Desire2Learn, guided by your instructor.
  • These courses combine the ability to interact directly with the instructor AND the flexibility to take online portions.
  • However, these courses are not self-paced or self-study. There are assignments and deadlines.
  • These are listed as 300-level (i.e., 301, 302, etc.) sections in the class schedule.

A note about hybrid and online courses: These instructional methods provide students with the ultimate amount of flexibility and responsibility; students will need to maintain a high level of self–motivation and organization in order to thrive in these educational settings. To facilitate a successful learning experience, students should feel comfortable using a computer, the Internet, and electronic mail (including downloading and uploading documents). While Desire2Learn is fairly user–friendly and intuitive, if you do not have experience using it, you are strongly encouraged to take the time to attend a free orientation session. The Schedule of Classes has the dates, times and location(s) of these training sessions, as does the “Online Learning” portion of the ACC website.