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Get Ready - It’s Scholarship Application Season!

The ACC Scholarship application is open from November 1 - April 14. We award about a million dollars a year in scholarships, and there are many different scholarships to choose from. Whether you’re in STEM, Allied Health, Early Childhood Education, or one of our other programs, there’s an opportunity for you!

Here are a few tips to help you get off to a strong start with your scholarship search:

  • Complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA before March 1 to be considered for most types of financial aid. Not all scholarships require a FAFSA, but many do, and completing the FAFSA will help ensure you’re under consideration for as many as possible.
    (If you are not a citizen or eligible noncitizen, you can still apply using the CASFA!)
  • Check out the ACC Scholarships page to see the many different scholarships that are available. We have ACC scholarships, CCCS scholarships, and private scholarships linked on this page - think of it as your first stop on the way to paying for college.
  • Make sure you have declared a major. Work with your academic advisor or Career Services to figure out what major is right for you. At ACC, you must be in an eligible major to receive a scholarship!
  • Attend a Scholarship Writing workshop or connect with the Writing Lab. Once you’ve reviewed the scholarships and decided what to apply for, review the application requirement for each scholarship. Most have a writing component. Never fear! Our Writing Lab is here to help. You can attend a scholarship essay workshop or contact their office to make an appointment. Check out their page for details.
  • Apply before the deadline. Applications close at 5:00pm on April 14!

Remember, we are here to help answer your questions!

Office of Financial Aid
financialaid [at] arapahoe [dot] edu (financialaid[at]arapahoe[dot]edu)

ACC Foundation­
foundation [at] arapahoe [dot] edu (foundation[at]arapahoe[dot]edu)