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Advising: A Free Service You Can’t Afford to Skip

ACC students in Communication class

We are only weeks into Spring semester but it’s already time to start planning for the Summer and Fall semesters. Class schedules for Summer and Fall are already available for students to view and registration goes into full swing on Tuesday, March 3rd at 8am. Some of you reading this may be feeling at ease knowing you already have your courses for the next couple or several semesters planned out in Navigate and you know EXACTLY what to take. The rest of you may be feeling a sense of panic at the sudden realization that it’s time to think about these things and you have no idea what to register for next semester.

What is the secret to feeling at ease and having your semesters all planned out? The answer is Advising! ACC Advisors recently sent every student an email request to make an appointment and are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your schedules.

What is Advising?

Advising covers a broad range of tasks, but the desired outcome for all tasks is always STUDENT SUCCESS! Advisors can assist in:

  • setting your major or transfer goals based on your desired career,
  • developing a course plan that helps you reach those goals at a pace that is comfortable for you, and
  • keeping you on track until you meet those goals through regular appointments and important updates.

What if I don’t know what to major in?

In addition to academic advice, ACC has four advisors who can assist you specifically with defining your career goals through career assessments and career research. Once you have a long-term career goal Career and Transfer Advisors can help you:

  • decide on a major
  • determine if you need to transfer to earn a 4-year degree
  • help connect you with employers through job shadowing or informational interviews

Learn more about Career and Transfer Services.

Why is advising important?

As mentioned above, one benefit of meeting with your advisor is to plan out your schedule so you know what classes to take each semester. Planning your classes includes:

  • finding electives that might best fit your interests and goals,
  • making sure you take all courses required in your program so you don’t waste time and money taking courses you don’t need, and
  • building a schedule that fits your lifestyle and time constraints

Also, Advisors are a great point of contact for the rest of ACC. They can connect you with resources that may be valuable to your success. Students who regularly meet with their advisor generally save time, money and stress over the course of their degree completion.

Who is my advisor?

Every current student at ACC has been assigned an advisor. Advisors are assigned based on a variety of factors including Pathway and major selection. To find out who your advisor is, log in to Navigate. It is important that your major is declared correctly so that you can be assigned the correct advisor for your program. To update your major declaration, log in to myACC.


Advising is a valuable service that is free to current and prospective students. At its core, advising seeks YOUR success. Let us help you Move Mountains!