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Moving FOUR-ward: Course Number Changes at ACC

Neon number 4

Goodbye ENG 121; hello ENG 1021! We’re Moving Mountains to Move FOUR-ward…ACC is changing course numbering!

Colorado Community College System (CCCS) is changing its course numbering from 3 digits to 4 digits beginning Academic Year 2022-2023. This means that our next catalog (2022-2023) and course schedule for summer and fall 2022 will show our new course numbering system (as will all the community colleges in the Colorado Community College System).

The classes themselves will not change their curriculum; they will just have a new 4-digit number.

We know you may have questions, so we’ve created a list of FAQs to help you. If you still have questions, contact your advisor or the Records & Enrollment Services Office and they can help walk you through the changes.

Course Number Update FAQs

Why are you changing to 4 numbers?

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) implemented the new course numbers this year in an effort to better align curriculum and course sequencing.

Will this impact my progress toward my degree / certificate?

There will be no impact toward your degree/certificate progress. The new course numbers and old course numbers will still apply toward you degree requirements.

How do I know what the course number will be for past courses I’ve taken?

We have created a search page on the ACC website where you can find the course number you are looking for. Whether you want to find the old, 3-digit number or you want to find the new 4-digit number for a course, we’ve got you covered.

If I have an academic plan with the old numbering system, how can I find out what the new numbers are?

We’ve got you covered. Just visit our Course Number Search page and you can find what the new course numbers will be. You can also use Navigate to help you find the correct courses or talk to your Academic Advisor.

Will Navigate show the new course numbers?

Yes. Navigate will have the new course numbers listed in your plans.

Will new academic plans show updated course numbers?

Yes. We have updated the Academic Plans for 2022-2023 to show the new 4-digit course numbers. While we were at it, we added links to course descriptions and pre-/co-requisite course information. These will be available beginning March 1.

Will my Degree Check show updated course numbers?

Yes. Degree Check will show the updated course numbers after February 21. Courses taken under the old course numbers will still apply toward your degree requirements.

Will my courses still transfer?

Yes. Because the entire Colorado Community College system is changing to a 4-digit system, transfer agreements will be amended for the new course numbers. Guaranteed transfer courses will still transfer and transfer degrees will still transfer in the same way.

Will this affect my transcript?

Not at all. Your ACC transcript will reflect the courses numbers as you took them – 3 or 4 digits. Colleges looking for course equivalencies will have access to ACC catalogs.

Will 4-year universities / colleges be moving to 4 course numbers?

4-year universities / colleges will keep their current course numbers. Colorado universities/colleges are aware of the new course numbers for ACC and all Colorado community colleges.