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ACC Grading Options for Spring 2020

Email communication sent to ACC students on April 8, 2020 by Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Lisa Matye Edwards

Dear ACC Student –

We are in a continually changing situation with COVID-19 – there are many unknowns for us all in this uncertain time. If you are like many of us at ACC, you may be tired, scared, and anxious and all while learning to navigate new remote technologies or more. You and your family may have been directly impacted by job loss, more hours at work or K-12 students who are now taking classes while you try to take classes. We understand and are feeling the same challenges. At the same time, the kindness and creativity that has emerged gives us all hope that we will come through this challenge.

Arapahoe Community College recognizes the stresses that students and instructors are currently facing in their academic and personal lives. To reduce academic uncertainty and increase flexibility when trying to adapt to remote instruction, Arapahoe Community College is:

  1. Extending the normal withdrawal deadline to May 5 for all courses scheduled to end at the end of the Spring 2020 semester.
  2. Providing an alternative grading option of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory for Spring 2020 semester.  

We understand that you have invested time and energy into courses prior to ACC’s spring break. We also understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for everyone and created challenges that no one expected when we started this semester. A temporary policy was developed by the Colorado Community College System and supported by ACC to allow students the option to select S/U (S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory) grades for this term.

If an S/U alternate grade option is selected for a course, a grade of “S” will equate to a standard letter grade of “C” or better; a grade of “U” will equate to a standard letter grade below “C”. S/U grades do not calculate into the grade point average (GPA). Students will receive all applicable credit for courses with a grade of “S”. Students will not receive credit for courses with a grade of “U”. The grade of “S” or “U” will be posted on the student’s transcript, and an additional note will be placed on the transcript, indicating that the S/U grade was entered related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note the following important information about the process:

  • Students will indicate they would like to explore the S/U option, and for which courses, by completing the Alternate Grading Interest form.
    *The time frame to request alternate grading options has closed. If you would like to discuss this further, please reach out to your ACC Academic Advisor. Who is My Academic Advisor? Academic Advisors are assigned to students based on a number of factors. To find out which ACC Advisor has been assigned to you, login to Navigate. If you have not met with your Advisor yet, make an appointment today. It is important to your success to meet with your Advisor before you register for classes. Make an appointment through Navigate.
  • Students wishing to pursue this option MUST discuss it with their academic advisor, who will make a final decision to approve or deny the request. 
  • Advisors will be sending students an email with a Navigate appointment invitation so that students can make a virtual appointment to discuss options if students want to consider S/U options. Following the discussion, the Advisor will forward an email to the student, Instructor(s), and the ACC Records & Enrollment Services office with their decision to approve or deny the request.
  • For any course approved by the Advisor for S/U grading, the Instructor will assign the S/U grade following the completion of the course.
  • If a student requests S/U grading for a course, and that request is approved by the Advisor, S/U grades will be considered equivalent to:
    • Letter grades A, B, C will be converted to an S;
    • Letter grade D, F will be converted to a U;
  • Due to accreditation/licensure considerations and the particular discipline, not all programs are eligible for the S/U grades in the Spring 2020 semester. A list of programs for which S/U grading is not available is available HERE along with answers to many questions you may have.

We understand you may have other questions pertaining to academic standing, credit toward your major, fulfilling graduation requirements and impact of an S/U grade over a letter grade, etc. ACC has developed a Question & Answers reference and you are encouraged to review it. We encourage you to read through the questions to find any answers that may apply to your situation. If you have additional questions, please contact your academic advisor. We hope this option of alternate grading along with an extended withdrawal deadline relieves some of the stresses of our current unknowns with COVID-19 and makes it possible for you to not lose the progress you have already invested in your academic work.

We understand there has been a great deal of information sent in recent weeks, but please keep checking your ACC email account.

We stand ready at ACC to support you during this challenging time and hope you stay safe and healthy. You have put time and energy into your studies and we are committed to working with you to reach your academic goals while balancing all of the changes and challenges.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and thank you for doing your part to stay safe.

On behalf of ACC,          
Dr. Lisa Matye Edwards
Vice President of Student Affairs
lisa [dot] matyeedwards [at] arapahoe [dot] edu