Drop a Course

It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course by the census date.  The census date, also referred to as the Add/Drop Date, is the last day a student may drop a course with a refund.  Students will find the course census date on the Detailed Student Schedule (in myACC).  Census dates are based total course length and not on the number of individual class meetings.  When a student drops a course, the course is not on the student’s academic record.  

Students drop courses via myACC on the Student Tab.   If a student drops a course that is a prerequisite or co-requisite of another registered course(s), the student must drop all related courses.   If a student receives financial aid or Veteran’s benefits, consult the Financial Aid Office or Veteran’s Affairs Office prior to dropping a course.  Dropping a course(s) that results in reduced credit hours could have a negative effect on a student’s financial aid or Veteran’s benefits.

Students cannot drop a course after the census date.  If a student has extenuating circumstances for not being able to drop a course by the census date, the student may complete a Tuition Credit Appeal.