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Exercise Science - Sports Medicine, AS


CIP 310505 (OSES)

This program is designed to transfer exclusively to Colorado State University's BS in Health and Exercise Science – Sports Medicine Concentrations.

Health and Exercise Science students are introduced to concepts related to human movement and the promotion of positive health behaviors. Topics include human physiology and anatomy, nutrition, and factors contributing to chronic disease states.

Career paths for Health and Exercise Science – Sports Medicine graduates include physical therapy, cardiovascular rehabilitation, exercise physiology, medicine, and a variety of allied health professions. These careers typically require a bachelor's degree or higher.

A full time student can complete this Associate of Science (AS) degree in two years. This degree prepares students to transfer to a four-year university to complete the second half of a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health and Exercise Science.

To be successful, students should have a foundation in science and math and an interest in working with people to support healthy lifestyles.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses (41 credit hours)
Written Communication (6 credit hours)
Oral Communication (3 credit hours)
Mathematics (4 credit hours)
Arts and Humanities (6 credit hours)
  • GT Pathways Arts & Humanities courses (GTAH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4) 6 Credits
History (3 credit hours)
  • GT Pathways History course (GT-HI1)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours)

Add one of the following:

Total: 60 credit hours

Graduation Requirements