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Elementary Teacher Education Transfer Major, AA


CIP 131202 (DEMT)

The purpose of a statewide articulation agreement is to identify the courses a student at a Colorado public community college must complete as part of an AA/AS degree to be guaranteed to be able to complete the designated baccalaureate degree program at public four-year colleges and universities as designated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) transfer agreement.

For more information about this transfer degree please refer to the Colorado Department of Higher Education website.

Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (35 credit hours)
Written Communication (6 credit hours)

1 Note: Some educator preparation programs require a B- in ENG 1021 as an admission requirement. However, a C- or better meets the general education GT-CO1 requirement.

Mathematics (6 credit hours)

2 Note: Completion of MAT 1220 & 1230 with a C- or higher will satisfy the GT Pathways math requirement at some institutions but not all. At the receiving institution's discretion, students may be asked to complete a GT-MA1 approved course.

Arts and Humanities (6 credit hours)
  • One additional GT-AH2 course (3 credits)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours)
Natural and Physical Sciences (8 credit hours)

3 Note: Students must pass with a C- or higher BOTH SCI 1055 & 1056 to satisfy the GT Pathways science requirement.

Additional Required Courses (16 credit hours)

Please Note: if these credits are not required for the major at a receiving 4-year institution, they will be applied to the Bachelor's degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.

  • DAN 1025 - Dance Appreciation GT-AH1 (3 credits)
Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Nine credits determined by the receiving four-year institution. See below.

Adams State University - BA Elementary Education

Note: Adams State requires both HIS courses to fulfill degree requirements. One HIS course will be used to fulfill the general education requirement.

Colorado Mesa University - BA Liberal Arts

Required courses that fulfill General Education Requirements (32 credits)

Written Communication (6 credits)

Mathematics (6 credits)

Arts and Humanities (3 credits)

History (3 credits)

Social & Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)

Natural & Physical Sciences (8 credits)

Additional Required Courses (9 credits)

Electives: 19 credits determined by Colorado Mesa University

  • Any GT-AH1 course (3 credits)
  • 1 credit of Health & Wellness (HWE)
  • 2 credits of Physical Education (PED)
Colorado Mountain College - BA Interdisciplinary Studies
Metropolitan State University of Denver - BA Elementary Education
University of Colorado Boulder - BA Elementary Education
  • One additional GT Pathways course (3 credits)
  • NOTE: EDU 2401 is not a required elective at the University of Colorado Boulder but will be accepted in transfer if taken.
University of Northern Colorado - BA Elementary Education
  • HIS or GEO course (3 credits)
  • Any elementary education-related content in HIS, GEO, SCI, MAT, or LIT-prefix course (3 credits); below are some course recommendations:
  • LIT - one additional GT-AH2 course OR
Total: 60 credit hours

All courses required for this degree must be completed with a "C" or better to be considered for transfer to another Colorado institution. Transferability of courses to colleges or universities outside of Colorado is determined by the receiving institution.

Graduation Requirements