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Business Transfer Major, AA


CIP 520201 (DBUS)

The purpose of a statewide articulation agreement is to identify the courses a student at a Colorado public community college must complete as part of an AA/AS degree to be guaranteed to be able to complete the designated baccalaureate degree program at public four-year colleges and universities as designated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) transfer agreement.

For more information about this transfer degree please refer to the Colorado Department of Higher Education website.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses (32 credit hours)
Written Communication (6 credit hours)
Math (4 credit hours)
  • a higher level Calculus course
Arts and Humanities (6 credit hours)
History (3 credit hours)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credit hours)
Natural and Physical Sciences (7 credit hours)

GT - Two Guaranteed Transfer Natural and Physical Sciences courses (GT-SC1, GT-SC2), one must be with laboratory (GT-SC1).

Additional Required Courses (21-23 credit hours)
Electives (5-7 Credit Hours)

Elective credit must be completed from the following lists of approved prefixes or courses to bring the total credit hours to 60.

  • Guaranteed Transfer
    • Any Guaranteed Transfer course.
  • Any course in the following prefixes
    • Any course in the following prefixes except Special Topics, Independent Study, Capstone, and Internships: ANT, ART, BIO (100 OR above), CHE, ECO, HIS, HUM, LIT, MUS, PED, PHI, PHY (105 OR above), POS, PSY, SOC.
  • Specific Courses:
    • AAA 1001 - College 101: The Student Experience 1 Credits
    • COM 2220 - Group Communication:GT-SS3 3 Credits
    • CSC 1060 - Computer Science I (Language)4 Credits
    • CSC 1061 - Computer Science II (Language) 4 Credits
    • ENG 1031 - Technical Writing I: GT-CO1 3 Credits (OR higher ENG course)
    • HNR 1000 - Honors Seminar: 1 Credits
    • HNR 2089 - Capstone: Honors 1 Credits
    • HWE 1060 - Weight Loss 1 Credits
    • HWE 1061 - Fitness and Wellness 2 Credits
    • MAT 1240 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts: GT-MA1 4 Credits (OR higher MAT course)
    • ANY Foreign Language (including ASL) numbered 111 or higher
  1. Any additional courses taken in the discipline covered by this agreement might not count toward the requirements of the major at the receiving institution.
  2. Select two or three courses (5-7 credit hours) found on the Recommended Elective List. Depending on the actual course credits taken, the number of courses you need to take as electives will vary. You should consult your advisor for more information.
  3. **Please meet with your advisor to discuss elective options that best meet the needs of your transfer institution. Most transfer institutions require MAT 1340 for the GT MA1 requirement; however, some transfer institutions will accept Finite Math (MAT 1320) and some require Survey of Calculus (MAT 1400) or a higher-level calculus. If an additional math course is needed, it will count towards these elective credits.
Total: 60 credit hours

All courses required for this degree must be completed with a "C" or better to be considered for transfer to another Colorado institution. Transferability of courses to colleges or universities outside of Colorado is determined by the receiving institution.

Graduation Requirements