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Associate of Fine Arts - Academic Plan


Total Credits = 60

This program is designed to transfer to Metropolitan State University of Denver's BFA program. The Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art, prepares students for transfer to Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs at four-year institutions. The degree is composed of the first two years of study toward the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree. The Associate of Fine Arts degree will provide a well-rounded education with hands-on instruction in studio art courses to develop effective visual expertise in composition, media, and professional presentation standards.

Career paths in Fine Art include professional artist, craft artist, sculptor, painter, illustrator, and art teacher. A full time student can complete the Associate of Fine Art (AFA) degree in two years. This degree prepares to transfer to a four-year university to complete the second half of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). To be successful, a student should have a strong interest in creative endeavors, fine motor skills, ability to be self-directed, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Program Outcomes

  • Create provocative, original artwork using thoughtful content and subject matter that supports it.
  • Demonstrate applied interdisciplinary research or conceptual synthesis to inform meaning in their creative work.
  • Create holistic compositions using strategies of visual arrangement.
  • Demonstrate proficiency of technique while performing effective studio practices using the medium's tools, materials, and equipment.
  • Use professional presentation standards for finishing and signing/documenting work.
  • Demonstrate critical analysis of creative work (theirs and others) in verbal and/or written critique, using appropriate vocabulary.

Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Recommendations

Where requirements are listed as course categories (e.g. Electives, Arts/Humanities) rather than as specific courses, please note that depending upon course choice, prerequisites may be required.

*Grade C or better required

Required Course Prerequisite, Corequisite, or Recommendation
ENG 1021 - English Composition I: GT-CO1 Prerequisite: College Readiness in English
ENG 1022 - English Composition II: GT-CO2 Prerequisite: ENG 1021 - English Composition I: GT-CO1 or ENG 1031 - Technical Writing I: GT-CO1

Recommended Course Sequence (Full-Time)

Recommended Course Sequence (Part-Time)


  • *This course requires college level readiness as measured by Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT scores; approved high school course work that is less than five years old; or successful completion of appropriate college-readiness course.
  • AAA 1001 – College 101: Student Experience is required for all new college students seeking degrees or transfer.
  • Course availability is subject to change.
  • Electives: Select from any GT course, AAA 1001, AAA 1009, ACC 1021, ACC 1022, BUS 1015, BUS 1016, BUS 2017, BUS 2026, CIS 1018, COM 1150, COM 2220, CSC 1060, CSC 1061, ENG 1031 (or higher), HNR 1000, HNR 2089, HWE 1060, HWE 1065, MAT 1240 (or higher), any Foreign Language courses (including ASL) numbered 1011 or higher, or any course in the following prefixes except Special Topics, Independent Study, Capstone, and Internships: ANT, ART, BIO (1000 or above), CHE, HIS, HUM, LIT, MUS, PED, PHI, PHY (1000 or above), POS, PSY, SOC.
  • Follow the Recommended Course Sequence on the following pages of this document.
  • Recommended courses are listed above for certain electives; consult with the Academic Advising Office (advising [at] arapahoe [dot] edu or 303.797.5664) or the Studio Art Department for additional elective recommendations.
  • Refer to 2024/2025 catalog for specific requirements and important information about this degree.
  • Studio Elective: Students may choose either an advanced III/IV level in the same media emphasis, or choose a choose in a different media.
  • Studio Emphasis Course Choice: Choose 2 courses (ART Studio Emphasis Level I & II) from the same studio emphasis -Drawing/Painting (ART 1202 or ART 1203 and ART 1301 or ART 1501), Photography (ART 1402 & ART 1401), Ceramics (ART 1703 & ART 1704), or Jewelry (ART 1604 & ART 1605).
  • The Colorado Department of Higher Education website has additional information about this statewide agreement.