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Music Business Certificate - Academic Plan


Discover how to create, manage, and promote your music with a Music Business Certificate from ACC. Students will learn how to develop their business skills in the music industry so they can apply for careers in artist management, music marketing, publishing, the live entertainment industry, or entrepreneurship. The music industry is comprised of companies as well as independent artists that earn money by creating music, organizing live events, record both audio and video recordings, composing music, and working in organizations and associations that support musicians worldwide. Students at ACC can learn the basics of every major facet of the industry, choose what fits them, and learn how to further explore the area that best suits their career goals. This certificate can also transfer to a 4-year Music Business degree.

Course Availability

Total Credits = 16

Required Courses - Major Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Available Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
MUS 1067 - Music Business I 3 No Yes Yes No
MUS 1069 - Project Management for Musicians 3 No Yes No No
MUS 2060 - The Business of Live Performance 3 No No Yes No
MUS 2063 - Music Publishing 3 No No Yes No
MUS 2067 - Music Marketing Strategies 3 No Yes No No
MUS 2084 - Internship 1 No Yes Yes Yes

Program Outcomes

ACC's Music Business Certificate prepares students for opportunities in music promotion, publishing, touring, and marketing. Discover how to create, manage, and promote your music.

Recommended Course Sequence (Full-Time Track)


  • Course availability is subject to change.
  • Refer to 2022/2023 catalog for specific requirements and important information about this certificate.