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Computer Technician Certificate - Academic Plan


The Computer Technician program prepares individuals for entry-level jobs in the personal computer industry involving the installation, upgrading and servicing of personal computer systems and computer networks. Three common examples of positions in which a graduate of this program might be employed are retail computer store technician, field service technician for a computer/network systems reseller and in-house computer/network technician for a large company. Students in this program gain extensive experience with computer hardware, software and networks. Upon successful completion of the program, the student is prepared to take the CompTIA A+ certification exam, the competency standard for service technicians in the computer industry.

Course Availability

Total Credits = 27

Required Courses - Major Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Avaiable Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
CIS 1018 - Intro to PC Applications 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
CIS 1024 - Intro to Operating Systems 3 Yes Yes Yes No
CNG 1020 - A+ Certification Preparation 4 Yes No Yes No
CNG 1021 - Computer Technician I: A+ 4 No Yes Yes Yes
CNG 1022 - Computer Technician II: A+ 4 Yes No Yes No
CNG 1024 - Networking I: Network+ 3 No Yes Yes Yes
CNG 1025 - Networking II: Network+ 3 Yes Yes Yes No
CNG 2011 - Windows Configuration: (OS) 3 No Yes Yes No


  • CIS 1018 – Introduction to PC Applications (May substitute select courses, see 2022/2023 catalog for requirements).
  • Course availability is subject to change.
  • Recommended courses may be listed above for certain electives; consult with the Academic Advising Office (advising [at] arapahoe [dot] edu or 303.797.5664) for additional elective recommendations.
  • Refer to 2022/2023 catalog for specific requirements and important information about this certificate.