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ACC selected for membership in USSPACECOM AEE

United States Space Command Academic Engagement Enterprise

Arapahoe Community College (ACC) has been selected for full membership in the United States Space Command Academic Engagement Enterprise (USSPACECOM AEE), effective March 6, 2024. The goal of the program is to foster relationships and collaboration between cutting edge academic institutions and USSPACECOM.

USSPACECOM collaborates with Academia to shape the future workforce by creating a more diverse, robust and accessible pool of qualified Space professionals for military and civilian work roles within the Space Mission Force. This collaboration is also being fostered to expand Space-focused analytic partnerships, enrich strategic dialogue on Space, and increase Space applied research and innovation.

Academic institutions that achieve USSPACECOM AEE membership receive defense-level Space learning outcomes and competencies to enhance programming and collaborative research, as well as access to exclusive discussions, webinars and symposiums hosted by USSPACECOM.