North Building Access

If you are taking face-to-face classes at ACC, our classes and ECE Faculty Offices are located in the North Building. Because the Child Development Center is located here, the building is locked. Here are the steps to gain access to the building:

  1. Go to Admissions and Records, located on the 2nd floor of the Main Building and get a student ID which will have a swipe strip and your photo.
  2. When you come to the North Building, all ECE students are to enter through the Northeast or Northwest doors (by the Law Enforcement Academy). They will be unlocked so you should have no trouble entering.
  3. Go down (south) the hall and there is a set of double doors. These doors are locked but have a swipe card access. Swipe your student ID card so that strip faces the number pad. You should get a response on the keypad of 3 flashing green lights which indicates the door has been unlocked.
  4. Open the door and proceed to class!