Background Check Policy

Early Childhood Education students are required to complete a national criminal background check through Castle Branch. This requirement is for both lecture-based classes where students are required to visit Early Childhood Programs and for practicum-based courses where students spend significant amounts of time in Early Childhood classrooms. This background check is a requirement of the Colorado Community College System and is implemented and monitored by ACC’s Human Resources Department. Background checks from employment sites will not be accepted.

Each student is responsible for completing the criminal background check with Castle Branch. Students set up personal accounts with this company and will have access to their information. The check will take 3-5 days to complete.  Students must show their instructors a screen shot of their account which indicates the check has been “completed.” 

Background checks are valid from the date of clearance as long as the student is continuously enrolled at ACC in a CCCS approved program with no more than a two semester lapse in enrollment. The Department Chair or Dean has the discretion to request additional background checks at any time, and the student will be responsible for the associated costs. 

Should any required record indicate that a student is unable to work with children, he or she will not be eligible to complete the courses requiring interactions with children. See our Disqualifying Events list. Students may file an appeal with the Colorado Department of Human Services should the findings indicate ineligibility to work with children. If a student’s background check prevents one from working with children or to be hired by an educational facility, the department chair will work with the student to determine an alternative education plan and career path.