Early Childhood Education

Do you have a passion for working with young children and their families? Are you ready to turn your passion into your dream career? Now is the perfect time to explore Early Childhood Education.

There is currently a shortage of well-prepared early childhood professionals in the U.S. and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the early childhood field are expected to grow at least 7% through 2024. Start at ACC and get the education you need to jump into a growing career that you'll love!

Ready to achieve your goals?

Our Early Childhood degree and certificate programs are designed to help you master the skills you will need to become an Early Childhood Teacher or Director in Colorado, whether you are:

  • just beginning your career as an assistant early childhood teacher;
  • interested in earning an A.A. degree;
  • thinking about starting at ACC and transferring to a four-year college;
  • ready to become a director of an early childhood program and advance your career.

Our courses will prepare you for wherever your journey takes you. Want to know more about required coursework and experience, rules and regulations, and transferring credits for early childhood education in Colorado? Visit the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Early Childhood website.

How ACC will support you

We offer tons of great, free resources to help you reach your goals.

  • Academic advising to keep you on track.
  • Career & Transfer services to help you pick your path and take your next steps, whether you want to start your career or transfer to a 4-year university.
  • Financial Aid advisors to help you pay for your education.
  • Tutoring services in case you need a little help with your studies.

Jobs in Early Childhood Education

Did you know 85% of a child's brain development takes place during the early years? Early childhood educators play a critical role in preparing children for success later in life. With your degree or certificate, you could go on ti work with children and their families in:

  • Head Start classrooms
  • Infant and toddler programs
  • Child care centers
  • Preschools
  • Family child care homes
  • Community agencies
  • Directing early childhood programs

Are you ready to play that role and help nurture and teach future generations? Apply today and we'll help you Move Mountains!