Journalism and Contemporary Media

ACC’s Journalism and Contemporary Media degree was designed with one thing in mind: the future. Journalism is not dead; it is simply evolving! Somebody has to report on societal happenings—and that person is YOU. 

Pause for five seconds and think about where you get your news. Most likely, a newspaper delivered to your door each morning is not the only source you rely upon. We know that, we acknowledge it, and we embrace it.

That’s the reason our news publication, The Arapahoe Pinnacle, is exclusively online. When you read our publication, you will see that we are a vital reporting agency of the ACC community, as well as the greater Littleton area. We cover campus news, Humans of ACC, entertainment, arts, and even sports—yes sports!

We don’t print the paper, but we do deliver it once-per-week with an email blast to over one thousand recipients. You can easily read our publication on your smartphone.

Also, The Pinnacle has a presence on Facebook and Twitter—please follow us!

The Arapahoe Pinnacle, the only student-produced news publication in the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), was founded by Bob Burdick, former President of the Rocky Mountain News. We strive each semester to meet the high standards established by Mr. Burdick and the opening team of students.

In our program, you will learn the fundamentals of reporting: from crafting an interview to covering live events—we do it all. You will learn about freelance writing and how to survive on a client-based system. You will learn about Marketing. You will study and write via Social Media. You will take at least two classes dedicated to an aspect of journalism that two decades ago wasn’t even on our radar: Multimedia and Graphic Design.

Our program has been crafted by a team of local journalism professionals from all walks of the business, from local print publications to TV news to national publications. These professionals focused on what it takes to survive in the field, and we built the program around that.

Our students are well-prepared! Upon graduation, you will be equipped to enter the market, or to transfer to earn your bachelor’s degree—our program was designed to meet the needs of both groups.

Perhaps you will wish to transfer to the excellent journalism programs at Metropolitan State University of Denver or to Colorado State University—we make that as easy as possible.

Or maybe you want to get on out there and start making a living on your writing. You will have the experience and the skills to meet the corporate world’s social media needs.

Come, write. Report news and tell stories. Get published and develop your portfolio. Become a Journalism student at ACC today!

 Contact program coordinator Andrea Mason for more information: or 303.797.5857.

More about The Arapahoe Pinnacle:

The news publication is “anchored” in one class each semester, and all journalism students are required to take both classes. While those classes are 200-level (advanced), you will have the opportunity to produce for the publication from the moment you take our JOU 106 News Writing and Reporting class. All journalism classes have assignments meant for publication in The Pinnacle, no matter what class you are taking.

While the anchor classes often run in the style of a newsroom, there is much to learn in each of those classes. For example, JOU 225 New Media, challenges students to not only produce the publication on a weekly basis, but also to produce content for other forms of media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You will have leadership opportunities – we need people to run this publication. The experience in doing so is invaluable. Become a managing editor, run the show.

If there’s a particular niche you like, we need writers specializing in fields, too. Let’s say you love live theater—why not be our entertainment writer? If you find yourself attending rock concerts on a weekly basis, perhaps you should be our music writer. Or maybe sports is your thing. Just because ACC does not have a sports team does not mean there isn’t plenty to write about in that field—we have plenty of athletes in our concrete building, and the wealth of local pro franchises offers plenty of subject fodder.

Our publication was founded in Fall 2015 by the former President of the Rocky Mountain News, Bob Burdick. Mr. Burdick set the bar very high, and we strive to meet the standards he established with each issue. We operate with this goal: to be THE source of information for the ACC community, in particular the students. We have a couple of slogans, therefore:  “First in Metro Denver” and “By students, for students” –and we take both of these charges very seriously.

We publish via the Student Newspaper Online (SNO) website hosts, so that much of the work on maintaining an active website is not an immediate concern—we can focus on producing the most well-written news inside the most beautifully-designed publication.

Starting Fall 2016, we plan to establish a Journalism Club for the purpose of allowing students who wish to contribute to The Pinnacle but cannot at the time take the classes an opportunity to do so. Be on the lookout for that!