Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the ABA approved Paralegal Program at ACC is to train students to become ethic-minded paralegals and legal professionals in order to allow them to assist in effectively delivering legal services. While paralegals may not practice law in the State of Colorado, they work under the supervision of attorneys in law firms, government agencies, and various business settings.

The program endeavors to achieve its goals by:

  • Instructing students in the practical aspects of substantive areas of law and teaching them the skills applicable to the workplace requirements of a paralegal;
  • Maintaining a high academic standard for paralegal students by providing thorough and effective instruction by experienced legal professionals;
  • Determining the roles and functions of paralegals in the community, emphasizing ethical conduct and the effective delivery of legal services within the community;
  • Evaluating the needs of employers for properly trained paralegals by maintaining contact with the legal community and introducing new skills and methods as used in the workplace;
  • Introducing students to the technology and software programs that are required in today’s practice of law;
  • Keeping students abreast of the changes in the delivery of legal services as it applies to paralegals.