Learning Goals

The mission of the biology department is to provide quality education to the students we serve while simultaneously furthering the overall mission of the college. The department uses a learner-centered approach and offers courses for both full and part-time students with a focus on understanding important biological principles geared toward improving student learning. The department's courses support vocational programs as well as transfer requirements for science and non-science students. Community interest courses and developmental and tutorial courses are also offered. The department is committed to quality education in the areas of biological science, incorporating application of the most current theory, biology-oriented technology, and educational methods.

Biology Department teaching goals for students:

  • Scientific literacy, defined by a broad scientific vocabulary with an effective ability to communicate through speech, visuals, and writing.
  • Understanding of the fundamental concepts of the biology sciences, including but not limited to:
    • Evolutionary mechanisms
    • Energy transformations in living systems
    • Heredity and molecular genetics
    • Mechanisms and patterns of growth, reproduction, and development
    • Relationship between structure and function of organisms and cells
    • Ecological relationships
    • Biological diversity
    • The ability to inquire using the scientific method, including formulating testable hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, and use technology to enhance investigations.
    • The ability to use critical thinking skills to identify problems, analyze solutions, make informed decisions and ethical choices.

We strive to meet the above goals with assistance both inside and outside of the classroom through our: