Other Drop Policies

Drop for No Show

ACC conducts a drop for no show throughout each semester.  Students who do not attend any class sessions by the course census (add/drop date), and are identified as a no show by the faculty, will be dropped from the course.  Once dropped as a no show, a student cannot re-register in that same section, regardless of no-show reason.   In addition, the student could be dropped from any prerequisite or co-requisite courses, regardless of attendance in the prerequisite/co-requisite course(s).   Being dropped as a no-show can have negative consequences for students using financial aid or Veteran’s benefits. 

For online courses, attendance is defined as accessing the course and completing at least one academic activity (as determined by the individual faculty).

Drop for Outstanding Balance

ACC conducts weekly drop for outstanding balance throughout the semester, after the initial semester payment deadline.  Students must have tuition paid in full, set-up payment plan/third-party billing or awarded financial aid by 5pm on the payment deadline.  If a student is dropped for outstanding balance, the student may only re-register in a course if there is space available, meets all registration guidelines and it is not past the course census date (add/drop date).  If the student is dropped for outstanding balance on the course census date, the student cannot re-register in that same section and will need to find a late-start option (if available).   View Payment Plan and Outstanding Balance Process for more information.

Drop for Missing Prerequisite/Co-requisite

Students must meet a course prerequisite and/or co-requisite in order to register and stay in course.   Students may register in a course when the prerequisite is in-progress (at ACC) when previous semester has not yet ended.   Once the previous semester ends, students need to meet the required course prerequisite and/or co-requisite.  Students registered in a course, but do not meet the prerequisite, will be dropped for missing a prerequisite and/or co-requisite.  Notification regarding the drop is sent to the student email account.

If a student drops a course that is a prerequisite and/or co-requisite of another registered course, the student must drop the related course(s).  In the event the student is dropped as a no show from a course, the student will also be dropped from the prerequisite and/or co-requisite course(s).   For example, a student dropped for no show from CCR 094 will also be dropped from ENG 121.   Being dropped for missing prerequisite/co-requisite can have negative consequences for students using financial aid or Veteran’s benefits.