Application Process

ADN Program | PN Certificate

Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

The Associate Nursing Degree (ADN) program is approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing and the Colorado Community College System. You will develop skills to work in hospitals and clinical settings in the areas of Obstetric and Pediatric, Medical/Surgical, and Psychiatric Nursing, and prepares you to take the NCLEX exam to become a Registered Nurse.

Application Dates and Deadlines are Firm and Accepted Only within the Time Frames and Deadlines Listed Below.

FALL Semester (August) Starts:

  • Applications for Fall Semester will open on the THIRD MONDAY OF APRIL at 9:00 a.m. and close on the THIRD FRIDAY OF MAY at noon, immediately preceding the Fall semester for which the student seeks admission.

SPRING Semester (January) Starts:

  • Applications for Spring Semester will open on the FIRST MONDAY OF NOVEMBER at 9:00 a.m. and close on the SECOND FRIDAY OF DECEMBER at noon, immediately preceding the Spring semester for which the student seeks admission.

To get started on your journey to become a Registered Nurse, download the Nursing Program Application

LPN to ADN Program option

The LPN to ADN program is for students who possess a License as a Practical Nurse and wish to complete the ADN program. The LPN to ADN Program at ACC is temporarily closed to new applicants at this time.

Practical Nurse (PN) Certificate

As an ADN student, you have the option to take the LPN licensing exam at the end of the first year of nursing course work. The PN certificate is available only to students who have been accepted into the ADN program and have completed all prerequisites, the first two semester courses of the Associate Degree Nursing program and NUR 169. NUR 169 is offered infrequently at Arapahoe Community College. There is no separate application process for students seeking a Practical Nurse Certificate only.

Before Submitting Your Application

For more information, contact:

Sheila Hochberg