Ever notice how often the phrase "written and oral communication skills" appears in job postings? The ACC Communication Department is here to help you Move Mountains to attain and improve those vital oral communication skills!

ACC offers degree programs that are guaranteed to transfer to any baccalaureate Liberal Arts and Sciences major at any public four-year college or university in the state of Colorado. COM 115 Public Speaking or COM 125 Interpersonal Communication are required to complete many degree programs. Courses are offered in the classroom, hybrid, and online formats. Public Speaking courses are offered in hybrid format, meeting both online and in the classroom.

Additional courses are offered online once or twice a year. COM 220 Intercultural Communication is offered in fall and spring semesters, and COM 225 Organizational Communication is offered in spring semester only. Both of these courses are relevant for any professional field you decide to enter. Intercultural Communication focuses on honing interpersonal communication skills with individuals from diverse cultures; Organization Communication will help you thrive in the workplace communication environment.

You’ll benefit from:

COM 115 Public Speaking

  • Improve your skills speaking in front of a group
  • Relate your message to an audience effectively
  • Overcome speech anxiety
  • Organize your ideas into a logical flow
  • Become an ethical speaker and listener

COM 125 Interpersonal Communication

  • Focus on improving your day-to-day communication
  • Understand more about your self and how others perceive you
  • Improve listening skills
  • Learn how to resolve conflict
  • Enhance your relationships at home and at work
  • Practice nonverbal communication skills

Course Descriptions