Anthropology: A Window on the World

Anthropology is the study of mankind on a global scale. Anthropology works at the crossroads of the social sciences and the humanities. It works to understand human experience in all of its fullness.

Our department nurtures the study of human social life. We also provide a strong foundation to continue your studies at a 4-year institution. Our faculty has a broad spectrum of experience and can provide the proper intellectual challenge needed for success at a university.

You may study in the following concentrations:

  • Archaeology
  • Cultural
  • Physical (Biological) Anthropology

What can you do with an Anthropology Degree?

Eventually you would need a Master's Degree or PhD to get a permanent position in Anthropology. With a BA degree you can generally find temporary or seasonal work.

  • Cultural
    • as an advisor in cultural resource impact
    • federal positions
    • private industry often outside the US
  • Physical
    • Forensic Osteology work
    • crime scene-legal witness
    • mass disasters
  • Linguistics
    • translation work - private companies or governments
    • language preservation-employed by a indigenous peoples or governments
  • Archaeology
    • cultural resource management - private consulting firms
    • federal, state historic and natural parks
    • Native American tribes