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PhD, Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
MA, Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles


I am a sociocultural, political and economic anthropologist. I received my PhD in anthropology at UCLA, where I was trained as an Americanist. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork in South Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. My teaching emphasizes equipping students with conceptual tools to think critically about how social structures of power and inequality unequally shape the everyday lives of differentially positioned people in society. 

As an anthropologist, I value qualitative methods -- long-term ethnographic field research in particular -- as a way to examine how large-scale “macro” institutional processes shape the “micro” everyday life conditions and experiences of communities on the ground. In contrast to a top-down approach, ethnographic methods center the first-person experience of research participants, and thus allow us to explore social structures and institutions from the perspective of those who concretely experience their unequally distributed effects. 

Pedagogically, while I emphasize student mastery of the “classical” foundations of anthropology and the social sciences, my courses integrate the perspectives of marginalized Black, Indigenous, global South, feminist and working class scholarship (among other intellectual traditions), which are often excluded from the dominant canon and falsely perceived as “biased” forms of knowledge. I actively work with students on independent research projects, including the Honors Program, so please reach out if you are interested.

I live in Littleton, CO, with my wife, who is a medical anthropologist, and our two sons.


jaden.netwig [at]