Psychology in Other Careers

Many people don’t think they would be interested in taking psychology courses because they believe that the information would only be helpful to people who want to major in psychology or pursue a career in the field.

On the contrary – there are many jobs in which psychological information would come in handy. Here’s just a short list:

  • Advertiser/Marketing Professional – would benefit from understanding how to influence people, and what techniques of persuasion will work best with different populations.
  • Coach – understanding how to motivate people to succeed is a key component of the field of psychology.
  • Police Officer – the diversity of human contact inherent in this job guarantees that psychological information will be beneficial in this job.
  • Research Scientist – psychology is a science, and bases its theories and assumptions on scientific data.
  • Teacher, Child Care Professional – human development is a subfield of psychology, and an understanding of human development would increase your effectiveness in these fields.
  • Corporate Training – how do people learn best? How do they process and use information? These are questions that cognitive psychology can answer.
  • Nursing – assisting people who are experiencing health-related issues requires a deep understanding of human behavior and mental processes.
  • Interior Decorator/Designer – how to people perceive color? Shape? Form? What environments have an emotional effect on humans, and what are those effects? Psychology has some of the answers!