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Dean of Students Office: So Many Resources

ACC students with Summit the Puma mascot cutout at ACC's Sturm Collaboration Campus at Castle Rock.
By: Julie Bruce (ACC Case Manager) and Jeff Duggan (ACC Communications & Media Relations Manager)

Imagine that you’re unexpectedly summoned to the ACC Dean of Students Office. OMG! Suddenly, you’re thinking “what did I do?”. Upon sitting down with one of the case managers, you’re asked “how are you holding up emotionally?”. Turns out…this isn’t a call to the Principal’s Office, but rather, an opportunity for ACC to show you some love in your time of need.

You’re feeling overwhelmed
Maybe life has gotten crazy lately and you’re struggling. Rent is late. A family member has cancer. Life has thrown you some curveballs. And to top it all off, your math class is so dang hard. The response from your ACC Case Manager is “we can help you with all of that!”. Whew!!!

FREE counseling sessions
Our Counseling Center provides students with 8 FREE in-person sessions every semester to talk with a professional therapist. Maybe you’d prefer a virtual session? No worries! We also offer free virtual counseling through BetterMynd.

Making ends meet
Whether it’s paying the rent on time, unexpected car repair expenses, the ever-increasing cost of weekly groceries, there are times when you may just come up a bit short. The ACC Foundation has a Student Emergency Fund for exactly those types of situations. You can submit a request for funds to help get you through days when money is tight. This can really relieve some stress so that you can get back to thinking about your studies at ACC.

Food Pantry
The ACC Puma Food Pantry is available to help students stock their kitchen. Once a week, you can swing by to grab frozen meat, bread, butter, cheese, fruits & veggies, snack foods, dry goods (pasta, rice, etc.), and even hygiene items. ACC can even help get you some complimentary snacks to get you through your day on campus.

But wait…there’s more
We can also provide students with access to other various resources – including housing, legal, immigration, social care, and more – through Single Stop (in multiple languages).

Extenuating circumstances
If the stress of an ailing family member is getting in the way of your studies, you apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Appeal. If you need to withdraw from classes, this appeal may help you obtain tuition credit for the current semester so that you can retake your classes once things settle down.

Dean of Students Office pro tip
We’re here to support you as you pursue your academic and career goals. Here’s some advice to help you along the way. Try to take your math and English classes during your first year at ACC if you’re able to do so. Studies indicate that students who complete math and English courses in their first year are more likely to complete their degree or certificate than those who do not.

Remember, the ACC Dean of Students Office is here for you. Contact us today. You've got this!