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ACC - Countdown to Fall 2021 Continues...

Email sent to ACC Students by Vice President of Student Affairs Lisa Matye Edwards, Ph.D.

ACC Students – only 3 days until Fall 2021 starts!!!

ACTION ITEM: Do you know the drop/add and withdrawal dates for each of your courses if you need to switch courses? What the heck does course census mean? 

  • Dropping a class. You may drop a class without it appearing on your transcript and having tuition refunded IF you do it by the drop deadline. The drop deadline is based on WHEN the class starts. How do you know what the drop deadline is? You can see (and note it in your planner) the drop and withdraw date for ALL of your courses by going to myACC --> Student --> Registration Tools --> Select Detailed Student Schedule (with Drop/Withdrawal Dates) and it will give you specific dates for each of your courses. Pay attention – forgetting or not knowing the date is not a valid excuse. Missing the deadline will have financial consequences.
  • Withdrawing from a class. After the drop deadline has passed you may still withdraw from a class. Withdrawing results in a W on your transcript but IS NOT calculated in your GPA. Withdrawing may be a wise option, but be sure to discuss it with your instructor first – withdrawing may not be your best option. Your ACC Academic Advisor or Navigator can help you understand consequences of withdrawing, including potential financial aid implications for not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress. You are still responsible for tuition if you withdraw and may have to repay financial aid or tuition charges.
  • Census. You may hear or see the word course census (higher education speak). The census date is the last date to add or drop a course. You may not ADD a course after the census date (ADD/DROP date) has passed. Census is the state of Colorado’s language and really just means ADD / DROP deadline.
  • Detailed information on Academic Policies & Procedures including Registration (Add, Drop & Withdrawal) can be in the ACC Catalog. If you receive financial aid, be sure you understand the impact of dropping, adding or withdrawing from courses. We know life happens, but be sure to talk to your instructors first before you make a decision.  Instructors often can help you assess if you can still pass a course or if you best option is withdrawing.

Hope that helps! Check out the dates now for each of your courses. The more you know, the better prepared you are for success!

As always – we are here to answer questions and excited for you to join us for Fall 2021 at ACC!

ACTION ITEM FOR Wednesday, August 18Download the Navigate app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to make appointments, never miss an important task or event, check holds, find resources and see your class schedule.

ACTION ITEM FOR Tuesday, August 17Know how your course will be offered! Do you need to be on campus? Do you need to log in and how will that work? All students enrolled as of August 17 should have received the email. Students enrolling since August 17 can find the email content online.

ACTION ITEM FOR Monday, August 16Reminder that as of August 16, masks are required inside all ACC buildings.

You can review the entire email communication from Monday, August 16 online. All students enrolled as of August 16 should have received the email. Students enrolling since August 16 can find the email content online.

Lisa Matye Edwards
Vice President for Student Affairs