Colorado Training Grants


The program's goals are to promote and encourage the expansion and well-being of existing Colorado companies and to attract new businesses to Colorado.  

Colorado First and Existing Industry grants are administered by the

  • Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Colorado Community College System

Colorado First grants

Focus on companies relocating to Colorado or existing companies undertaking a major expansion and hiring new employees.

Existing Industry grants

Focus on Colorado companies deploying new technology to stay competitive and keeping jobs in Colorado. Approved training is for transferable job skills that support the company's economic competitiveness by providing its workers in new skills, and enhancing workers' resumes and long-term employment opportunities.

Criteria for grant applications are:

  • Maximum grant award of $800 per employee
  • Grant-funded training must be for permanent, full-time, non-seasonal, non-retail positions in Colorado, which have significant career opportunities and require substantive instruction.
  • Grants are only awarded to companies that meet a sustainable wage threshold: in urban areas; employers must pay an average wage of at least $10.46/hour; average wage in rural areas must be at least $8.21/hour.
  • All grant-funded training must be customized to meet specific company needs
  • Applicant companies must pay for a minimum of 40% of the total training costs
  • A financial evaluation of the applicant company is required for an Existing Industry grant.
  • An on-site visit of the applicant company is required

Grant Application Process and Procedure Documents are located here.

To discuss your eligibility for a Colorado First or Existing Industry grant, call 303.734.3702.