CCCS Refund Card

ACC partnered with Higher One to offer refunds.  Through the CCCS Refund Card, you’ll receive your refund on a debit card, transferred to your personal bank account or sent a check.   

 If you do not go online to choose one of the above options, the default is a paper check from Higher One (which will be mailed to your address on file 21 days after Higher One receives the money from ACC).

If you paid tuition and fees with a debit or credit card, all refunds will go back to the original card.

Dropping Classes

If you drop a class during the first 15 percent of the class term (the period for add/drop indicated in the schedule or on your syllabus for last start classes) you will receive full adjustment of your tuition. No refunds will be granted after that time. If you drop your class before the drop date, you'll receive a refund after the semester's add/drop period.  You'll receive a faster refund by setting up your CCCS Refund Card account.

Please remember it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all classes are dropped timely in order to receive a refund or not be financially responsible for the classes.

The College will, in accordance with current Federal legislation, refund Federal Financial aid sources for first time Title IV Financial aid recipients who completely withdraw prior to completion of sixty percent of the semester.

Withdrawing from classes

You can withdraw from a class after 15 percent of the class term has passed. You may withdraw in-person at Information Central, on-line through the myACC link or by calling Admissions at 303.797.5621. If you are on financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 303.797.5661 before withdrawing. Withdrawing may affect your financial aid eligibility. Refunds are not given for withdrawals.

If you withdraw after the first 15 percent of the term, and you still have an unpaid balance, you remain obligated to pay this amount. Unpaid balances can be with-held from state of Colorado tax refunds. Exact deadline dates for refunds are listed in semester class schedules.

Refunds and Withdrawal Charges

Our refund policy is enforced for several reasons. When you enroll in a class you reserve a space that is no longer available to others. At the same time, the state commits to paying a major portion of the costs of offering you that course. Even if you withdraw officially, the state loses its investment in that space -- while ACC loses the other 25 percent of expenses that your tuition and fees cover. That is why we adhere to these guidelines.

Appeal for Tuition Credit

Students are given the opportunity to submit an Appeal for Tuition Credit if there is an unforeseeable or extraordinary circumstance that prevents the student from meeting the drop deadline. If this is the case, fill out the Appeal for Tuition Credit, Financial Aid Acknowledgement (if applicable) and the Medical Documentation (if applicable) form(s).

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