Payment Deadlines and Outstanding Balance Process

Each semester ACC will notify you if you have an outstanding balance on your student account. If you register after the first payment date listed below, you must pay your account in full or start a payment plan before the next payment deadline.

On the weekly deadline dates (listed below), your classes will be dropped at the close of the business day if:

  1. Your account balance is $875.00 (or higher) and has not been completely paid.
    1. It is your responsibility to drop any classes by the census date (add/drop date) to receive a refund or not be responsible for paying for the class. Do not rely on the system or drop process to cancel your classes.
    2. If your balance is less than $875.00, you will not be dropped - but will be notified for any balance over $.01 on the Payment Deadline Dates listed below.
    3. If your balance is less than $875.00, you are still responsible for your payment to ACC - unpaid balances will be sent to state collections. If you are unsure of your drop status, contact the Cashier's Office at 303.797.5638.
  2. You have not signed up for My Payment Plan.
  3. You do not have third party billing in place.
  4. You do not have Financial Aid awarded and accepted.

Check your account balance or financial aid status in myACC > Student Finance tab.

Notification Process for Students with an Outstanding Balance

You will get automatic notices from our system by:

  1. Your student email account (
  2. Automated voice message
  3. Text message, if you signed up to receive messages to your mobile device through the ACC Notification system through myACC (to enable text messages, visit our Student Communications page for instructions)
  • If you have an outstanding balance on your account for the current semester, you will be notified the day before and the day of each payment deadline date. If you receive a notification and you believe your balance is paid, please call the Cashier's Office immediately at 303.797.5638 to avoid being dropped from your classes.
  • If you are registering between or on a payment deadline date, you will have to pay your full bill to avoid classes being dropped. 
  • If you are dropped for not paying your bill, we will let you know the next business morning about any dropped class(es). You may not be able to re-register for high demand course(s). 
    • If the course is full, then you will need to find other course(s) or get the instructor's approval to be added back in before the course's add/drop date. 
    • If it is after the course's add/drop date, then you won't be able to re-register because registration for the course is closed. It may be a good idea to find late starting course(s).
  • If you complete your FAFSA less than six weeks before the start of the semester or are waiting for your Financial Aid to be awarded to your account, it may be a good idea to enroll in the payment plan to avoid being dropped from your classes.
    • Be sure to apply for FAFSA before the recommended deadline will help make sure your financial aid is awarded before the payment deadline.
    • If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, please email the Financial Aid office at from your email account. 
  • Visit our College Opportunity Fund page for any questions about COF.