Facility Rental - Littleton

Looking for a convenient and affordable location to hold a meeting, event or conference?

ACC can help!

Arapahoe Community College encourages its neighbors in the surrounding communities to take full advantage of the facilities available for rent to the general public. ACC has the space you want to host your conference, community event, banquet, holiday gathering or business meeting. We can accommodate employee trainings, meetings, classroom sessions, and public forums.

Are you looking for a local venue to host your graduation? Need to secure a theatre to host a dance recital or concert? At ACC, we have the facilities and staff to meet your needs. We go the extra mile to provide you with the convenient “one-stop shopping” experience you’ve been seeking.

We welcome community groups, nonprofit organizations, schools, businesses and public agencies. Our professional staff will take the time to evaluate your needs, examine your requirements and prepare a plan that’s right for you. Want to make it a successful event? Look no further...make it ACC!

Arapahoe Community College has high-tech multimedia projectors, sound systems and seating for large gatherings. ACC’s Waring Theatre can accommodate 226 people and our theater-style, third-floor lecture hall has seating for more than 100 people. We have a large, ground-level multi-purpose room (The Summit Room) for up to 400, as well as a fitness center. Even more, our expansive parking lots can be converted to host a variety of outdoor events and activities.

To reserve your space at ACC, please contact the Facilities Rental Department.

 ACC Multi-Purpose Room

The Summit Room

Location: M1900
344 at round tables / 400 theater style
Half Day Fee: $750
Full Day Fee: $1195

 ACC Half Moon

Half Moon

Location: M1800
80 at round tables / 150 theater style
Half Day Fee: $545
Full Day Fee: $925

 ACC Waring Theatre

Waring Theatre

Location: M2900
Capacity: 226
Half Day Fee: $765
Full Day Fee: $1325

 ACC Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

Location: M3160
Capacity: 110
Half Day Fee: $330
Full Day Fee: $595

 ACC Classroom


Location: varies
Capacity: varies
Half Day Fee: $275
Full Day Fee: $495

 ACC Conference Room

Conference Room

Location: varies
Capacity: varies
Half Day Fee: $275
Full Day Fee: $495

 ACC Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Location: varies
Capacity: varies
Half Day Fee: $440
Full Day Fee: $795


Please visit the Facility Rental Pricing page for a complete list of spaces available and pricing information.

To obtain campus specific protocols and information on how members of the community may reserve publicly available space, please contact Facilities Rental at 303-797-5877.

For policies on use of ACC facilities, please see BP 16-60, SP 16-60.