Careers in Sociology

What Can I do With a Sociology Major?

Remember that most careers do not require that you have a specific major but that you meet a minimum amount of education. So the question is not so much what can you do with a certain major but what you want to do and how you want to get there. The following list is a beginning point to help you explore a few related career choices based on an academic interest you might have.

Potential Careers:

Advocacy Group Administrator Adoption Agency Worker
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Case Worker Social Services
Children’s Services Case Worker Clinical Social Worker
College Professor Community Service Worker
Corrections Officer Counselor
Crisis Pregnancy Worker Family Services Worker
Gerontologist Health Department Worker
Human Resources Manager Lobbyist
Marriage and Family Therapist Mental Health Counselor
Probation Officer Recreation Therapist
Researcher Rehabilitation Counselor
State Agency Director Wilderness Treatment Worker

Potential Employers:

State Social Service agencies Colleges and Universities
Rehabilitation Agencies Non-profit Organizations
Community Service Organizations Correction Facilities
School Systems Adoption Agency
Crisis Pregnancy Organization Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing Homes Hospitals
Counseling Centers Magazines/Journals