PTA Application Process

Application Process and Minimum Requirements

Item Information
Complete ACC Application for acceptance to college Complete the Admission Application
Take the Accuplacer exam in the Testing Center

Attach a copy of required Accuplacer scores to your application.  Minimum scores are:

Accuplacer (taken at ACC within past 3 years)

  1. Before November 2018
    Sentence Skills = 95
    Elementary Algebra = 61
  2. November 2018 to present
    246 or higher on Next Generation Writing
    230 or higher on Next Generation QAS

There are NO exemptions to the Accuplacer exam.   All students regardless of prior degree status, ACT test scores or any other consideration must complete the Accuplacer. If you live outside of the Denver Metro/Front Range area, call the testing center (303.797.5993) to make arrangements to take the Accuplacer test from a remote location.  Completed coursework does not replace Accuplacer scores in the application process.

GPA Obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 to be eligible to apply

Complete the following General Education courses prior to PTA classes in the Fall.

ENG 121
PSY 101
BIO 201 - Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 106 - Basic Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 104 - Biology: A Human Approach

You may still submit an application if you haven’t completed your Anatomy and Physiology. Any acceptance offered would be conditional based on successful completion of A&P by the end of the Summer 2019 term.

The remaining general education courses may be completed along with PTA courses to fulfill degree requirements.

Obtain three letters of recommendation

References may be from instructors, employers, PTs/PTAs you have worked or volunteered with. Please note that the reference requires the individual has known you for at least one year. References from friends and family members will not be accepted.

The Letter of Recommendation form is included in the application for admission to the PTA program.

Letters of recommendation must be mailed to the PTA program directly from the reference source between February 1 and May 15, 2019. Please use the delivery confirmation options available from the various carriers to confirm your letters have been received by the PTA program. The PTA program is unable to confirm receipt of individual letters of recommendation.

Obtain documentation of work related or visitation hours in Physical Therapy

Applicants are to complete a minimum of a total of 30 hours of observation/volunteer or work related time with a PT or PTA in at least 2 different physical therapy settings (hospitals, skilled nursing facility, acute rehab, outpatient ortho, home health, etc)  to develop an understanding of the role of the PTA. (The PTA program does not maintain a list of preferred clinics for such observation. Students are encouraged to determine the areas of practice they need exposure to and contact clinics for visitation opportunities.)

The Physical Therapy Setting Visitation Report form is included in the application for admission to the PTA program. It is also available on the PTA webpage at

Answer the essay question in the PTA application Include in your application for admission packet.
Complete and sign the Informed Consent Page from the PTA application. Include in your application for admission packet.
Complete the PTA application submit by May 15 at 5:00 p.m.
Attach the following documentation to your application
  1. Accuplacer scores
  2. Transcripts (Unofficial)
  3. Physical Therapy Setting Visitation Report forms.
  4. Completed and signed Informed Consent Page from the PTA application.

An application packet is complete when all necessary application items are filled out and required documentations are included. The application and required forms can be accessed on the ACC website.

Students are responsible for completing the Official Transcript Evaluation process to officially transfer credits from other colleges or universities to ACC. 

Applications may be submitted to the HMS school assistant in A2000, left in Ms. Provence's mailbox in A2080 or mailed to:
ACC PTA Program
5900 S. Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80120

Students with complete submitted applications may be asked to participate in a personal interview as part of the admission requirements and admission criteria.

Interviews are held any year that more than 20 applications are received. The approximately 40 applicants who earn the highest number of points on their applications are invited back for a personal interview.

An interview score is determined for those applicants who advance to the interview stage of the application process by having one of the top academic scores. The interviewer assigns points during this personal interview regarding the following core competencies: Commitment to learning, Personal responsibility, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills.

Interview points are combined with previously established academic points to determine an overall total application score. This point system is used to determine which applicants are offered admission.

In addition, students returning for a personal interview must complete the Health Sciences Reasoning Test – AD in the ACC Testing Center between June 10 – 21, 2019.

The program uses the email for interim communication with applicants. Please make sure your student email address is active and checked regularly between submission of your application and June 30th.

Interviews generally occur during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. Please make sure you are available for an interview during that time. The program is not able to wait until a later time to complete an interview. All interviews are completed in person. No telephone, skype, or other web based apps are allowed. Applicants are responsible for all travel or other expenses incurred to participate in the interview.

The Health Sciences Reasoning Test - AD must be completed in the ACC Testing Center during regular testing center hours. Testing Center information is available on the ACC website.





  • A Criminal Background check is required upon the acceptance into the program. For additional information on the procedure for background checks as well as disqualifying events, please see the ACC website. Please note: Criminal background checks require a fee and the applicant’s social security number.
  • Prior to clinical participation, PTA students must meet PTA program Health and Safety Requirements including:
    1. Professional Level CPR and First Aid Certification
    2. MMR, Hepatitis B and tDap vaccinations
    3. OSHA Training
    4. Annual PPD (TB) test
    5. Annual Flu shots (for clinicals occurring October – April)
    6. Varicella immunity (either vaccination or report of occurrence)
  • If required by their assigned clinical affiliation students must also provide documentation of
    1. A successfully completed Drug Screening
    2. Health Insurance
    3. An annual physical within the past year
  • Professional development as a Physical Therapist Assistant includes commitment to learning, commitment to service, and commitment to the physical therapy profession. To facilitate development, each student will build a portfolio over the next two years, which encompasses all of these areas: Community Service, ACC PTA Club, American Physical Therapy Association Membership, Continuing Education and Career Development.  Students have options of the activities they use to complete each category. Regardless of choices, completion of the portfolio will require additional out of class time and expenses vary depending on choice. Students are responsible for the financial aspects of portfolio completion.
  • For academic year 2019, Information Sessions about the PTA program will be held on:
    • Thursday, January 17, 2019, 8:30 am in A2130
    • Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 3:00 pm in A2130
    • Any additional sessions scheduled will be listed on the ACC website.