Departments and Programs

Programs, Degrees, and Areas of Interest

At ACC we have seven guided pathways for you to explore, connect, and succeed in your future. With over 100 degrees and certificates to choose from, our pathways can help you find a focus, stay on track, and take you one step closer to achieving your dream. Get started on a path to transfer or on your way to a new career. Together we can Move Mountains.

Arts, Communication & Design

Arts, Communication & Design pathway logoDelve into your creative potential. Discover how our degrees can bring your ideas to life and turn your passion into a career you’ll love. Through the power of arts, communication and design, we can help you develop and refine your talent among fellow creatives at ACC. This pathway will hone your skills to create your own career direction.


Business pathway logoWe’re educating the next generation of business leaders. Our programs are founded on values-based business practices, entrepreneurial spirit, and community partnerships - our graduates become trailblazers of society. The Business pathway will prepare you to be a leader in accounting, business administration, business transfer, construction management, or retail management.

Global, Human & Social Studies

Global, Human & Social Studies pathway logoHuman society and social behavior are fascinating and now you can learn about the effects. A degree within this pathway allows you to study the “why” behind the rich diversity of the world. By examining thought processes, learned behaviors, ancient and modern cultural differences, language, political science and philosophical reasoning, you will gain critical thinking and social observation skills to start on a path to transfer.


Health pathway logoWith healthcare continuing to be one of the largest leading professions in the country, ACC’s Health pathway can help you obtain a degree within the medical field or advance your experience through a wide array of certifications. We offer several learning tracks to get you prepared for a career in the healthcare field. You'll learn from industry experts and practice in our new state-of-the-art science labs.

Math & Sciences

Math & Sciences pathway logoDiscover the world in all its complexities. The ACC Math & Sciences pathway provides a place for driven students to explore how things work. Our programs offer innovative, hands-on learning experiences that will help you find your potential in biology, chemistry, fermentation sciences, geography, geology, mathematics, physics, pre-engineering, or psychology. Find problems and solve them too.

Public Services

Public Services pathway logoIf you have the desire to make a difference, to be heroic, to help people - the Public Services pathway is right for you. Hone your natural abilities and enhance your technical skills. We offer career and transfer options in: criminal justice, education, law enforcement, and paralegal. If this is your calling, we want you, we’ll teach you – society needs your skilled service to improve the lives of others.


Technology pathway logoWhether you want to get your hands dirty from the steel of an engine, track down cyber criminals or design fictional cyber criminal games, we’ll provide you the technological skills to revolutionize society. Our Technology pathway will give you the high-tech challenge you’ve been waiting for. Join the vast, always growing world of technology and discover a new world around you.