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ACC Students - Countdown to Spring 2022

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    Matye Edwards
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Email sent by Dr. Lisa Matye Edwards to all ACC students on January 12, 2022.

Hello ACC Pumas! 

Countdown to Spring 2022 and the start of classes... 

ACTION ITEM FOR Today, Wednesday, January 12: Know how your course will be offered! Do you need to log in and how will that work? What the heck is D2L (Desire2Learn)? 

  • Please see instructions in this message to determine HOW, WHERE and WHEN the course you are enrolled in will meet. 
  • All courses offered by ACC should have course access details posted in Desire2Learn (D2L) as of Friday, January 14. CCCOnline courses will have D2L access on the first scheduled day of the class. Please read this entire message to determine the differences between ACC Online and CCC Online course offerings. 
  • Spring Semester classes will begin remotely Tuesday, January 18. Classes will return to in-person starting Tuesday, February 1.  
  • Courses in the following areas may meet in-person starting on January 18: Automotive Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Health Careers, Music Audio Technology and Studio Art, as well as the Law Enforcement Academy. Check in Desire2Learn (D2L) for specific course information. 

How do I check how my courses will be offered? 

  • In myACC - Student Tab (across top) - Student Schedule (on left side of screen), check your course schedule. The course title will link to Desire2Learn (D2L). This will have information specific to your course.   
  • You may download the Navigate App and check your schedule via Navigate on your mobile device. Download links and learn how to use Navigate.  
  • Note the DATE the course starts. Some courses are accelerated and may not start until a date in February. Check the date! 
  • Check out this helpful information on how to make sense of the abbreviations and codes on the course schedule. Double-check the Campus – when we are back in person will your course meet in Parker, or Sturm Castle Rock, Littleton, or Art & Design? 
  • Courses that are ONLINE will NOT move to in person in February. ACCOnline is shown as AON for your campus and CCCOnline is shown as ACC CCC Online.  


In-Person will have a ROOM and a day and time – this will begin remotely and move to the listed location on February 1. If there is a room and room number/where, with a date and time, this course will be remote starting on January 18 and returning to in person starting February 1. You do need to log in and attend class remotely. Watch for either an email communication from the instructor prior to the first day of class OR on Friday, January 14, students will have access to each ACC course via D2L and any links for video conferences via the Course Access or Student Schedule in myACC. 

Example 1: English (ENG 121 – Composition I) meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00 - 11:15am in AM4770 (ACC Main Building, 4 floor, room 4770). Instructors will post specific course information in D2L on January 14. In myACC - Student Tab (across top) - Student Schedule (on left side of screen), check your course schedule. The course title will link to Desire2Learn (D2L). I will log in and attend remotely until February 1 and then I will physically go to the class location. 

Example 2: Humanities (HUM 115 – World Mythology) meets Wednesday nights, 5:30 – 8:30pm once a week at the ACC Parker Campus and starts February 2, 2022. While Spring semester starts the week of January 17, this class is accelerated and does not start until February 2. Students can see meeting instructions in myACC - Student Tab (across top) - Student Schedule (on left side of screen), check your course schedule. The course title will link to Desire2Learn (D2L). I will not physically go to class until the week of February 1 and will check D2L closer to February 1 for specific course instructions. 

ONLINE - Students may take online courses offered either by ACCOnline or CCCOnline.  ACCOnline courses are taught by ACC instructors who know ACC degrees and certificates and support resources for students, they are listed as AON campus. CCCOnline courses are taught by instructors who are a part of the Colorado Community College System. Either type of online courses are accessed via D2L by selecting the Course Access icon in myACC. A course that is ONLINE will not change to in person. You must log in and access the class per the instructor’s directions. 

There are other options of courses, but the majority of ACC offerings will be in person (after February 1), remote or online. We do have additional courses and you can find these detailed course type descriptions and how to tell which is which by viewing our course schedules abbreviations and codes

Previous Action Items:   

You can review the entire email communication from Thursday, January 6 online. All students enrolled as of January 6 should have received the email from Javon Brame, Dean of Students. Students enrolling since January 6 can find the email content online. 

Lisa Matye Edwards
Vice President for Student Affairs