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ACC Alumni Spotlight: Mercedes Gania

Photo of coffee cup and pastries on a plate - photo by Mercedes Gania

My name is Mercedes Gania and I am a commercial photographer that specializes in product photography but have been known to do niche photography side work for other types of clients. I am currently working for Showlabs, a company that has streamlined product photography with high end tech on both the front and back ends of production. 

Before starting my role with Showlabs, I worked for a wedding photography studio, Elevate Photography, that shot high end mountain weddings in Colorado. 

I always had a passion for photography, but I never really thought I could make a career out of it. It took me some time to finally dive into this world and I am so happy with my decision to learn and grow in photography through the teachings at ACC. I have gone part way through two other photography programs through other schools, but the commercial photography program through ACC was the best one I attended. The program chair, Brad Bartholomew, is the best teacher I have had in my college career. Not only did he teach us, but he also mentored us and cheered us on with every semester. The internship and portfolio classes really helped to prepare us for getting jobs after school was over. The internship helped with creating connections in the community as well as providing what a real life work day would look like, while the portfolio class allowed us to hyper focus on the type of photography we wanted to bolster our portfolio with. 

Thanks to the program and the wonderful teachers I now have skills that I will carry for the rest of my life and that will help me along my photography journey. It is a wonderful program to learn from and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to jump into the photography world!

Photography by Mercedes Gania

Photo of salad with oil being poured onto it - photo by Mercedes Gania

photo of coffee cup and pastries - photo by Mercedes Gania

photo of baking ingredients and tools - photo by Mercedes Gania

Photo of coffee in clear glass with cream being poured into it - photo by Mercedes Gania

photo of waffles and blueberries on blue and yellow background - photo by Mercedes Gania

Photo of tattooed arm holding a bunch of carrots by the stems - photo by Mercedes Gania

Photo of ice cream sugar cones on pink background - photo by Mercedes Gania

close-up photo of macaroon cake - photo by Mercedes Gania

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