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Shared Visions - Virtual Show

Have you ever been to a museum or gallery and heard "do not touch the art".  Not this time. This show was intended to be touched! This annual tactile exhibition is so popular we wanted to provide a virtual post-show. In November 2021, Nathan Abels’ ACC Painting 1 and Katie Caron’s Ceramics 1 students were challenged to create interactive tactile works of art to be displayed alongside works from students from the Colorado Center for the Blind. Their art included installations, ceramics, and mixed media. This multi-sensory experience provided the viewer to explore the art via sight, sounds, and touch.

Invited artist Liz Quan exhibited alongside ACC students. Earlier in the semester students visited her exhibition downtown in late September called "Shape, Play, and Space". As a guest artist Liz visited the ACC ceramics department to mentor and critique ceramics students’ projects for the tactile art exhibition.

Tactile artist Ann Cunningham worked with students from the Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB) creating a wall of ceramic tiles, pinch pots, and sculptures that provided bring colors, a variety of subject matter, and textures for the visitors to explore.

This virtual display includes a variety of images from the original in-person exhibition. They are in order of the show as if you were moving through the gallery. Imagine the space being filled with the sounds of the ocean and as you pass by the display of clothing you smell the lingering fragrance of perfume. All your senses are awakened. When you touch each work their texture varies, soft, furry, smooth, sticky, rough, sandy. You're drawn to a dragon that when touched warms your fingers, while the cave feels moist and humid. You continue exploring the art, you pick up the maracas hearing the echoing sound of the clay beads inside. As you move through the space, you touch the clay feathers and hear a sound much like wind chimes. Each piece provides the viewer with the opportunity to have a unique experience. Enjoy this virtual version of the original exhibition. We hope you visit this annual show next November as the students create new tactile art.


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