Colorado Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Colorado’s Guaranteed Transfer Courses

In 2001, the Colorado General Assembly established that 35-37 general education credits will transfer among all Colorado public higher-education institutions. Fall, 2006, the structure of the A.A. and A.S. degrees changed as reflected in the following categories:

General Education Categories and Courses Semester Hour Credits:

COMMUNICATION (6 credit hours)
ENG 121 English Composition I (GT-CO1)
ENG 122 English Composition II (GT-CO2)
ENG 201 English Composition III: (GT-CO3)
MATHEMATICS (3-5 credit hours)
MAT 120 Mathematics For Liberal Arts (GT-MA1)
MAT 121 College Algebra (GT-MA1)
MAT 122 College Trigonometry (GT-MA1)
MAT 123 Finite Mathematics (GT-MA1)
MAT 125 Survey of Calculus (GT-MA1)
MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics (GT-MA1)
MAT 155 Integrated Math I (GT-MA1)
MAT 156 Integrated Math I (GT-MA1)
MAT 166 Pre-Calculus (GT-MA1)
MAT 201 Calculus I (GT-MA1)
MAT 202 Calculus II (GT-MA1)
MAT 203 Calculus III (GT-MA1)
MAT 204 Calculus II: Engineer Application (GT-MA1)
MAT 215 Discrete Mathematics (GT-MA1)
MAT 255 Linear Algebra (GT-MA1)
MAT 261 Differential Equations: Engineer Application (GT-MA1)
MAT 265 Differential Equations (GT-MA1)
ARTS AND HUMANITIES (6-9 credit hours)
Select at least two courses with no more than one course from any one category:
Art and Expressions
ART 110 Art Appreciation (GT-AH1)
ART 111 Art History I (GT-AH1)
ART 112 Art History II (GT-AH1)
MUS 120 Music Appreciation (GT-AH1)
MUS 121 Music History I (GT-AH1)
MUS 122 Music History II (GT-AH1)
MUS 123 Survey of World Music (GT-AH1)
MUS 125 History of Jazz (GT-AH1)
THE 105 Introduction to Theatre Arts (GT-AH1)
THE 211 Development of Theatre I (GT-AH1)
THE 212 Development of Theatre II (GT-AH1)
Literature and Humanities
HUM 115 Humanities: World Mythology (GT-AH2)
HUM 121 Humanities: Early Civilization (GT-AH2)
HUM 122 Humanities: From Medieval to Modern (GT-AH2)
HUM 123 Humanities: The Modern World (GT-AH2)
LIT 115 Introduction to Literature (GT-AH2)
LIT 201 Masterpieces of Literature I (GT-AH2)
LIT 202 Masterpieces of Literature II (GT-AH2)
LIT 205 Ethnic Literature (GT-AH2)
LIT 211 Survey of American Literature I (GT-AH2)
LIT 212 Survey of American Literature II (GT-AH2)
LIT 221 Survey of British Literature I (GT-AH2)
LIT 222 Survey of British Literature II (GT-AH2)
LIT 225 Introduction to Shakespeare (GT-AH2)
LIT 268 Celtic Literature: (GT-AH2)
Ways of Thinking
PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy (GT-AH3)
PHI 112 Ethics (GT-AH3)
PHI 113 Logic (GT-AH3)
PHI 114 Comparative Religions (GT-AH3)
PHI 214 Philosophy of Religion (GT-AH3)
PHI 218 Environmental Ethics (GT-AH3)
Foreign Language
FRE 211 French Language III
FRE 212 French Language IV
JPN 211 Japanese Language III
JPN 212 Japanese Language IV
SPA 211 Spanish Language III
SPA 212 Spanish Language IV
Select at least two courses, one of which must be history, with no more than two courses from any one category:
HIS 101 Western Civilization: Antiquity-1650 (GT-HI1)
HIS 102 Western Civilization: 1650-Present (GT-HI1)
HIS 111 The World: Antiquity-1500 (GT-HI1)
HIS 112 The World: 1500-Present (GT-HI1)
HIS 201 US History to Reconstruction (GT-HI1)
HIS 202 US History since the Civil War (GT-HI1)
HIS 208 American Indian History (GT-HI1)
HIS 215 Women in US History (GT- HI1)
HIS 225 Colorado History (GT-HI1)
HIS 236 US History Since 1945 (GT-HI1)
HIS 243 History of Modern China (GT-HI!)
HIS 244 History of Latin America (GT-HI1)
HIS 245 US in the World (GT-HI1)
HIS 247 20th Century World History (GT-HI1)
HIS 255 The Middle Ages (GT-HI1)
HIS 260 US Foreign Relations History (GT-HI1)
Economic or Political Systems
ECO 101 Economics of Social Issues (GT-SS1)
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (GT-SS1)
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics (GT-SS1)
ECO 245 Environmental Economics (GT-SS1)
POS 105 Introduction to Political Science (GT-SS1)
POS 111 American Government (GT-SS1)
POS 125 American State/Local Government (GT-SS1)
POS 205 International Relations (GT-SS1)
POS 225 Comparative Government (GT-SS1)
GEO 105 World Regional Geography (GT-SS2)
GEO 106 Human Geography (GT-SS2)
Human Behavior, Culture or Social Frameworks
*NOTE: To reach a minimum of 15 credits, select one additional course in Arts and Humanities, History or Social and Behavioral Sciences.
ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology (GT-SS3)
ANT 107 Introduction to Archaeology (GT-SS3)
ANT 108 Archeology of World Rock Art (GT-SS3)
ANT 111 Physical Anthropology (GT-SS3)
ANT 201 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (GT-SS3)
ANT 215 Indians of North America (GT-SS3)
JOU 105 Introduction to Mass Media (GT-SS3)
PSY 101 General Psychology I (GT-SS3)
PSY 102 General Psychology II (GT-SS3)
PSY 205 Psychology of Gender (GT-SS3)
PSY 217 Human Sexuality (GT-SS3)
PSY 226 Social Psychology (GT-SS3)
PSY 227 Psychology of Death/Dying (GT-SS3)
PSY 235 Human Growth and Development (GT-SS3)
PSY 238 Child Development: (GT-SS3)
PSY 240 Health Psychology (GT-SS3)
PSY 249 Abnormal Psychology (GT-SS3)
SOC 101 Introduction To Sociology I (GT-SS3)
SOC 102 Introduction To Sociology II (GT-SS3)
SOC 205 Sociology of Family Dynamics (GT-SS3)
SOC 207 Environmental Sociology(GT-SS3)
SOC 215 Contemporary Social Problems (GT-SS3)
SOC 216 Sociology of Gender (GT-SS3)
SOC 218 Sociology of Diversity (GT-SS3)
SOC 220 Sociology of Religion (GT-SS3)
SOC 231 Sociology – Deviant Behavior (GT-SS3)
SOC 237 Sociology of Death and Dying (GT-SS3)
AST 101 Astronomy I (GT-SC1)
AST 102 Astronomy II (GT-SC1)
BIO 105 Science of Biology (GT-SC1)
BIO 111 General College Biology I with Lab (GT-SC1)
BIO 112 General College Biology II with Lab (GT-SC1)
BIO 201 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (GT-SC1)
BIO 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (GT-SC1)
BIO 204 Microbiology (GT-SC1)
BIO 208 General College Microbiology (GT-SC1)
BIO 220 General Zoology (GT-SC1)
BIO 221 Botany (GT-SC1)
CHE 101 Introduction to Chemistry I (GT-SC1)
CHE 102 Introduction to Chemistry II (GT-SC1)
CHE 111 General College Chemistry I (GT-SC1)
CHE 112 General College Chemistry II (GT-SC1)
ENV 101 Environmental Science (GT-SC1)
GEO 111 Physical Geography - Landforms (GT-SC1)
GEO 112 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate (GT-SC1)
GEY 111 Physical Geology (GT-SC1)
GEY 121 Historical Geology (GT-SC1)
MET 150 General Meteorology (GT-SC1)
PHY 105 Conceptual Physics (GT-SC1)
PHY 107 Energy, Science and Technology (GT-SC1)
PHY 111 Physics: Algebra-Based I: With Lab (GT-SC1)
PHY 112 Physics: Algebra-Based II With Lab (GT-SC1)
PHY 211 Physics: Calculus-Based I With Lab (GT-SC1)
PHY 212 Physics: Calculus-Based II With Lab (GT-SC1)
SCI 155 Integrated Science I-Physics And Chemistry (GT-SC1)
SCI 156 Integrated Science II-Earth And Life Science (GT-SC1)