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To communicate the universal milestones of childhood and humanity, where the appreciation of such milestones may promote tolerance and diminish hatred in the world.


What’s New

Sangelo at Horizon Middle SchoolThe Milestone Project is taking on a new approach to spreading the word about Diversity and Inclusivity by piloting a workshop program for K-12 schools. Trish Sangelo, Professor and the Director of the Colorado Gallery of the Arts, visited Horizon Middle School in Aurora during their Cultural Days provided a presentation about ACC’s Diversity and Inclusive Milestones Project. Sangelo engaged in conversation and provided a creative project about different cultures, diversity in their community and how to create an inclusive environment.

If your school would like to participate in a workshop please contact Trish Sangelo at trish.sangelo [at]


In a moment, inspired by the increasingly tragic news stories of 1998, the idea for Milestones was born by founders Michele and Dr. Richard Steckel. In essence, the project focused not on what divides us - and the hatred that often ensues - but on what unites us.

In this mission, the Steckel’s became photographers, traveling the globe to take pictures of children, and their families, experiencing the same milestones with the same sense of pride, accomplishment, and wonder.

This mission ultimately became their contribution - to promote tolerance and diminish hatred in this world.

In the spring of 2017 a new journey takes place as the Steckel’s donate the Millstones Project to Arapahoe Community College Foundation. The mission remains the same as the exhibition travels worldwide increasing awareness of diversity and inclusivity.

Exhibition History

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To learn more about temporary or permanent exhibitions and the opportunity to display them at your location please contact the Gallery Director, Trish Sangelo at trish.sangelo [at] or 303-797-5212.

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