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Assistant Director
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MS, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin - Madison
BS, Human Development & Family Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison


Josh served in Colorado higher education positions at MSU Denver from 2007 to 2020. In the fall of 2021, Josh transitioned to Arapahoe Community College as the Assistant Director of Admissions. In the roles as Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, Coordinator of Transfer Initiatives, and Student Intervention Services Coordinator at MSU Denver, Josh created strategic plans to ease the transition for incoming students, supported continuing students to increase retention, and reduced barriers on the way to graduation. Josh collaborated on these topics by presenting at 15 different regional and national conferences.

Josh believes collaboration is crucial to reducing the equity achievement gap in Colorado. Josh’s passion for serving marginalized students includes leading and engaging in committees to create change on a macro- and micro-level. Josh also has partnered with all 15 Colorado community colleges, CDHE, and many community organizations and businesses to create positive change.

Prior to MSU Denver, Josh served and worked for AmeriCorps in Wisconsin for three years before finding a home in higher education. Josh moved to Colorado in 2007 and enjoys hiking, camping, running, biking and other outdoor activities with his two young children, wife, and pup. Josh looks forward to collaborating with his ACC and external partners while supporting many future Pumas start their journey to Move Mountains.

Territory / Population Josh Works With

Adult Learners, Guest Students for One Semester, Non-Colorado Residents, & Transfer Students

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What town do you call home?

I came to Colorado from Wisconsin for a graduate school internship in 2007 and haven’t looked back. I call Wisconsin hometown for my sports teams and Colorado my home for everything else.

Have you ever taken a class or received a degree from a community college?

No. I haven’t taken classes at a community college, but have been supporting community college students since 2007. I highly value and respect the education provided at community colleges and have walked along thousands of community college students as they succeed personally and professionally.

A little something about Josh

I love being outdoors and active, which attracted me to Colorado in 2007. My family of 4 spends frequent time in the mountains enjoying camping, hiking, skiing, biking, running, and SUPing. Fall is my favorite time of the year with the crisp air and the leaves changing colors, but also because my Green Bay Packers are usually making a run for the Super Bowl.

If you could travel anywhere – where would you go and who would you take with you?

I always wanted to visit Hawaii with my family. We love hiking and Colorado is lacking water, so being able to hike volcanos and swim in the ocean in the same day sounds amazing! I’d also love to go to a Packers Super Bowl, and it would be great if it was against the Broncos for a rematch of the 1998 Super Bowl.

Favorite dish or type of food to eat

I’m not picky when it comes to food, but I’d take double main course with no dessert every day of the week. I love my lasagna and a salad, will destroy a smothered burrito, and always search for fresh seafood when traveling.

Quote or Advice for Community College students 

The reason I work at ACC is that degrees create social mobility, providing opportunities for individuals and families from low- and middle-income to get better jobs and earn more money. I do not think life is about earning a lot of money or being in a position to push what we think is most important, rather the ability to provide needs for ourselves and families and/or work in a field that is inspiring and positively influential on others. My motto is to ‘Pursue Joy and Help Others Pursue Joy.’ College education can help with both ‘Joys’ and I am here to support you along that path.

Awards & Publications

Gabrielson, J., Kroll, J., Pearce, B. (2020). Increasing the Transfer Inquiry Pool. The Journal Of College Admissions, NACAC.


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