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Senior Communications Specialist


MA, Communication Studies, Colorado State University
BA, Communication Studies, Colorado State University
AAS, Graphic Design, Arapahoe Community College


A proud ACC alum raised in the Littleton area, Jen focused her education at ACC and CSU on different types of communication, from interpersonal and intercultural to visual and media studies. She is passionate about helping students and providing a welcoming space for all forms of diversity, and she's excited to work at ACC to help other students meet their academic and career goals.

What town do you call home?

While my family is from California and we often visited the San Francisco area, I was raised in Littleton. I love how easy it is to get to a downtown area or onto a beautiful hiking trail. The only thing that could make it better would be having a beach nearby, like on the west coast!

Have you ever taken a class or received a degree from a community college?

I earned my first two associate degrees from Arapahoe Community College because it was close to home and affordable, then I transferred to CSU-Fort Collins for my next two degrees. Taking classes at a community college helped prepare me for that big step, since I didn’t have to get used to college-level coursework while also getting used to living on my own.

A little something about Jen

In my spare time I’m an artist, and I enjoy working in both traditional and digital art. I also really love being around animals, especially big ones like horses.

If you could travel anywhere – where would you go and who would you take with you?

After studying Japanese language for two years at ACC, I would love to take a long tour of Japan with my mom and sister. As we all have different interests in language, it would be great to be the ‘guide’!

Favorite dish or type of food to eat

I love making homemade pasta, from penne and macaroni to ravioli and cannelloni; trying new combinations and playing with pasta dough is as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Quote or Advice for Community College students 

Take the time to plan out your path, but be open to opportunities to learn and grow. I earned my first associate degree because I knew I wanted to transfer to a 4-year university, but I had to wait a year before transferring. Instead of taking a gap year, I decided to earn my second degree in graphic design.

When I got to my next college, I ended up changing my major one semester in. It turned out that my second associate degree actually saved me a year by filling in part of the requirements of my new major – a total surprise, especially since at ACC I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So that second degree from ACC in the long run saved me both time and money.

Awards & Publications

2021 RMACAC Rising Star Award
Leadership Academy for 2020-2021


jennifer.sheldon [at]