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Admissions Counselor
she / her / hers


BA, University Studies, Eastern New Mexico University
AA, Trinidad State Junior College


Territory / Population Courtney Works With

Cherry Creek, Jefferson County, Military, Veteran or Veteran Dependent, Other school districts / Non-Colorado Resident

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What town do you call home?

Lakewood, Colorado born and raised!

Have you ever taken a class or received a degree from a community college?

Yes, I started my academic and softball career at a community college, specifically Trinidad State College. Here, I received an Associate of Arts.

A little something about Courtney

I am a huge sports fan! I was a college athlete and I am very competitive in every aspect of life- even board games at family gatherings.

I love traveling and exploring small towns in southern Colorado and New Mexico.

If you could travel anywhere – where would you go and who would you take with you?

I have never traveled out of the country, so for my first experience, I would love to travel to Italy. Not only for the food, but for the beauty and rich history. I would love to do so with my family. Stateside, I would love to experience traveling and hiking Zion National Park. There will probably be so many hidden small towns on the way to Zion as well!

Favorite dish or type of food to eat

It is hard to pick a favorite type of food because it genuinely depends on my mood but something that always sounds like a good idea is authentic Mexican or Italian food. I do enjoy an awesome bratwurst on a summer day with my family.

Quote or Advice for Community College students 

My advice to future ACC students is to ask questions! Chances are so many other students have the same questions. Also save your FAFSA password in a place you will remember! It will definitely save you so many headaches.

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