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Commercial Photography Program Chair / Faculty


MA Digital Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design
Attended Art Center College of Art and Design for commercial photography
BA Psychology, Colorado College


"Brad Bartholomew is an award-winning commercial photographer and educator living and working in Denver, Colorado. For over thirty years he has photographed a variety of subjects in his studio and on location, for a myriad of local and national clients including: Apple Computer, Breckenridge, Celestial Seasonings, the Colorado Ballet, JD Edwards, Children's Hospital, Coors Brewing Company, Forest Oil, Head Sports, Koelbel & Company, My Twinn, Pentax, and Qwest.

Brad specializes in not specializing. He photographs product and people both in the studio and on location. Brad works with advertising agencies and design firms as well as directly with client. Believing in the collaborative nature of commercial photography, he says, "I am pleased when, at the end of the project, the client will say, 'Well, that was fun' as if they are surprised. Pushing to create strong, conceptual, beautiful images can be stressful, but in the end, we're making photos. It's supposed to be fun."

For thirty years Brad taught a variety of classes at the Colorado Institute of Art. He is currently heading up the Commercial Photography Program at Arapahoe Community College. His main emphasis is teaching studio, lighting, portfolio, and advertising photography and the principles classes. He believes he is charged with providing students with a challenging and nurturing environment in which they can apply their talents and aspire to create dynamic, vibrant imagery. Brad encourages students to take risks. Progress cannot be achieved without trying new things, and progress cannot occur without failure. He appreciates the enthusiasm students bring to the projects they produce and he continues to learn from them everyday. That's one reason he continues to teach.

This book is an extension of the desire to teach more people and give back to a profession that Brad feels passionate about. The second edition was written to provide a wider audience with updated lighting techniques that can be employed in the studio and on location."


Awards & Publications

Numerous awards from The Art Directors Club of Denver and The Denver Advertising Federation, as well as Graphis Magazine.
Co-author of Light Right. A book about commercial photographic lighting and building a career.


brad.bartholomew [at]