Arapahoe Community College is proud to incorporate a human cadaver experience into all of our Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) courses. ACC has an updated cadaver lab with top-notch ventilation, lighting, and preparation space. We are also one of the few community colleges in Colorado that has a cadaver program.

While in A&P,  you will have an added benefit of learning from real human anatomy to supplement your studies in lecture. You will explore human form, through guided, hands-on learning, and the intricate relationship of body structures in their three-dimensional form.

After successfully completing general Anatomy and Physiology, you can take an Advanced Human Anatomy course. In this course, you will further your knowledge of the human form and function through prosection, or the preparation for anatomical viewing, that is guided by skilled anatomy faculty.

We also collaborate with ACC allied health programs such as Nursing, Emergency Medical Services, and Physical Therapy Assistant. If you are in one of these programs, you can attend cadaver lab workshops where you will have guided reviews of functional anatomy and clinical pathophysiology.

Area high schools, vocational programs, and non-ACC college student groups can register a customized cadaver workshop taught by experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

If you have any inquiries regarding the cadaver lab at ACC or if you’d like to schedule a workshop visit for your class you may contact us at