Student Government

About Student Government Association

The Purpose of ACC’s Student Government Association (SGA) is to:

  • Represent ACC students in matters concerning student interests and welfare as well as student-generated activity fees.
  • Promote cooperation and understanding between the administration, faculty, staff, community and ACC students.
  • Encourage ACC students to participate in collegiate activities and exert influence in the decision-making process.
  • Promote students’ rights and provide a means of organized expression in college affairs, activities, and policies.
  • Provide a forum for educational experiences outside the classroom atmosphere.

2018-2019 SGA Officers

  • President – Hina Hawkes
  • Vice President – Vacant
  • Secretary – Malcolm Pena Jr.
  • Treasurer – Brenda Campuzano
  • State Student Advisory Committee (SSAC) Representative – Ryan Holmes
  • Senators
    • Sam Jarris
    • Justin Marquez
    • Vince Sanchez

2019-2020 SGA Officers

  • President – Gabe Houhoulis
  • Vice President – Brittany Lee
  • Secretary – Lauren Stewart
  • Treasurer – Vacant
  • State Student Advisory Committee (SSAC) Representative – Kim Johnson
  • Senators
    • Vince Sanchez
    • There are currently 4 vacant Senator positions

Meeting Minutes

SGA meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters. Minutes for these meetings will be available within two weeks of each meeting.

SGA Positions and Responsibilities

  • The President of SGA is the students' voice to campus administration. The President communicates with individuals and groups to ensure that the needs of our students are heard. The President also coordinates and presides over all SGA meetings.
  • The Vice President performs the duties of the President in the President's absence. The Vice President assists the President in managing the operations of the organization and is responsible for SGA outreach events and programs.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for SGA financial matters and keeps an accurate account of all funds received and spent. The Treasurer serves as a custodian of all financial records and funds for SGA.
  • The Secretary serves as the recorder for SGA meetings and is responsible for the production and distribution of meeting minutes. The Secretary assists with coordinating logistics for SGA events.
  • The SSAC Representative is the voice of ACC students to the State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) for the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). The SSAC Representative travels to monthly meetings with SSAC Representatives from around Colorado. This student must also be classified as an in-state student and be enrolled in 9 credit hours during both Fall and Spring semesters.
  • SGA’s Senators assist in representing and advocating for the student voice, supporting outreach efforts of SGA, establishing goals for student success, and advancing projects for SGA through individual efforts and committee participation.

Why should I become involved with SGA?

Involvement in SGA is a great way to develop leadership skills, enhance your resume, and have a positive impact at ACC! As a member, you will have opportunities to gain beneficial experience by participating in retreats, serving on college committees, planning campus events, and advocating to the administration on behalf of your fellow students. Along with a multitude of benefits of this leadership role, SGA members receive compensation for their service.

How do I become an elected member of ACC’s SGA?

  • During an open election period, go to the Student Life Office (Room M2820) and pick up an application.
  • Complete the application, write a letter of interest,  and collect 50 student signatures. Submit your application to the Student Life Office. An election process is held annually in April, with winners announced following the election. Any vacant positions may be filled by candidates interviewed and voted upon by the elected SGA. Students may also volunteer with SGA.
  • Upon election, students must successfully complete a background check and all necessary paperwork with the Human Resources Office. A student cannot begin serving as a member of SGA until this is completed.

What are the responsibilities after I am elected?

  • Represent and advocate for the ACC student voice, create and implement outreach efforts, establish goals for student success, and advance projects for SGA through individual efforts and committee participation.
  • Be available for weekly SGA meetings and dedicate adequate time for office hours, trainings, outreach events, etc.
  • You must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours at ACC during the fall and spring semesters. The SSAC Representative must be enrolled in nine (9) credit hours and must also be classified as an in-state student.
  • You must have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.5 and be a student in good judicial standing.