Clubs and Organizations

You'll have opportunities to get more involved at ACC by participating in our extracurricular activities. Whether you're involved in a Student Club, Student Government, or our honor society Phi Theta Kappa, by being involved outside of the classroom you'll:

  • Get to better know your fellow students and Instructors
  • Add to your résumé
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Discover something new
  • Enhance your marketability
  • Expand your learning
  • Experience new sports and activities
  • Improve your organizational skills
  • Make new friends
  • Promote a cause
ACC Officially Recognized Clubs
(American Institute of Architect Students)
Greg Houston -
Animal AdvocacyDiana Hornick - Advisor
Audrey Hammett

American Society of
Interior Designers (ASID)
Sue Runge - Advisor
Eden Cohen
Astronomy ClubJennifer Jones -
Basketball ClubJoan Anderssen - Advisor

Clay ClubVicky Smith - Advisor
Nicole Whiteman 
Criminal Justice ClubMichelle Emerson-Lewis - Advisor
Miguel Torres
Early Childhood EducationKathy Sutherland -
Equality ClubAllison Hagood -
F.A.S.T.Byron Jones - Advisor
John Young

History Club

Elijah Dicks - Advisor
John Schubert
Devin Cotton

Jewelry ClubAmy Bailey - Advisor
Amy Mower
Music GeeksNancy Resseguie - Advisor
Josh Wasinger
Matt Plimpton
Painting ClubNathan Abels - Advisor
Laurie Krieger
Paralegal ClubJoseph Slonka - Advisor
Parkour Club

Josie Mills - Advisor
Mark D'Agosta - President
Phi Theta Kappa Honor SocietyFida Obeidi - Advisor
John Whatley
Psychology ClubAllison Hagood -
Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA)Jo Ann Beine - Advisor
Yvonne Allmaras
Skills USADoc Viola - Advisor
Anthony Zarger
Spanish ClubElena
Sustainability ClubLori Tigner -
Think Tank
(Philosophy Club)
Mark Flory -
Transfer ClubShari Culver -
Veterans ClubGina Wenzel-Garza - Advisor
Jeff Fogg
Sports ClubAdvisor/PresidentEmail
Disc Golf Jason Daves - Advisor
Haili Hodbe

Inline HockeyJoan Anderssen -
Motorsports ClubCardell Webster - Advisor
Eddie Miller
Outdoors ClubEddie Miller -
Running ClubJason Schlueter -
Tennis ClubMichelle Emerson-Lewis - Advisor
Yasir Al Dik