Clubs and Organizations

You'll have opportunities to get more involved at ACC by participating in our extracurricular activities. Whether you're involved in a student club, Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, or the National Society of Leadership Success by being involved outside of the classroom you'll have the potential to:

  • Get to better know your fellow students and Instructors
  • Add to your résumé
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Discover something new
  • Enhance your marketability
  • Expand your learning
  • Experience new sports and activities
  • Improve your organizational skills
  • Make new friends
  • Promote a cause

ACC Officially Recognized Clubs

For information about starting a new student organization, stop by the Student Life Office - M2840.

Student Organization Advisor(s) About the Club/Organization
Astronomy Club Jennifer Jones
jennifer.jones [at]
We bring people together to view the night sky through a telescope and learn about the Universe.
Book Club Lisa Chestnut
lisa.chestnut [at]
We create an environment in which students can get together and have intellectual talks about literature, while getting to know other ACC students.
Clay Club Katie Caron
katie.caron [at]
We promote individuality through the clay medium and promote general interest and stimulate a desire for excellence in clay work.
Communication Club Terri Scrima
terri.scrima [at]
Computer Club (PC Repair) Mark Snyder
mark.snyder [at]
Learn and practice repairing computers for the ACC community.
CRU Jason Schlueter
jason.schlueter [at]
Dance Club Debra Goldberg
debra.goldberg [at]
Participate in a fun environment where different dance styles from various cultures are explored.
Early Childhood Education Club Kathy Sutherland
kathleen.sutherland [at]
With a community of peers, we share thoughts and ideas around the Early Childhood profession.
Elevate Jen Dena
jennifer.dena [at]
Promote disability awareness to educate the campus community.
Emergency Management Services Club Dennis Edgerly
dennis.edgerly [at]
Travis Smith
travis.smith [at]
We associate ourselves to benefiting students and the public, regardless of skill level, through education with professional insight of world-wide emergency medicine.
Gamers Club Bill Berech
william.berech [at]
We bring people together who are interested in playing board games of all kinds.
Interior Design Club Anita LoDico
anita.lodico [at]
We enhance design skills and empower students in their design career.
Japanese Club Mayumi Yotsumoto
mayumi.yotsumoto [at]
We help students enrich their knowledge and appreciation of the Japanese language and culture.
Jewelry Club Amy Bailey
amy.bailey [at]
We provide workshops and opportunities to students who are interested in developing and improving their jewelry making techniques.
Journalism Club Jamey Trotter
jamey.trotter [at]
Learn about journalism!
Motorsports Club David Botarelli
david.botarelli [at]
We teach students how to maintain and build a race car as well as well as how to properly maintain their personal vehicles.
Multimedia Graphic Design Club (MGD) Jeff Petersen
jeff.petersen [at]
We promote and attend multimedia graphic design events.
Music Technology Club Chuck Haarhues
charles.haarhues [at]
We bring musicians, composers, and engineers together for projects and knowledge sharing.
National Society of Leadership & Success Dan Balski
dan.balski [at]
Sarah Lindahl
sarah.lindahl [at]
Mary Carr
mary.carr [at]
Members with above a 2.5 GPA are invited to participate in this national leadership society. Our members follow a step-by-step program to build their leadership skills.
Paralegal Club Celeste Carpenter
celeste.carpenter [at]
Richard Corbetta
richard.corbetta [at]
We promote awareness of the paralegal profession and changes in the legal workplace. Our club fosters a community service culture and assist in creating ties between the program and the legal community.
Phi Theta Kappa Shari Culver
shari.culver [at]
Adam Shelffo
adam.shelffo [at]
Members with above a 3.5 GPA are invited to participate in this International Honor Society. Our members promote scholarship, fellowship, leadership, service, and campus involvement.
Physical Therapist Assistant Club (PTA) Ashley Vasquez
ashley.vasquez [at]
We provide a social and professional group for students interested in physical therapy, rehabilitation, and health and wellness.
Running Club Meredith Tofield
meredith.tofield [at]
We meet regularly for social runs and trainings. We also participate in Denver Metro official runs, such as the Colfax Marathon Relay and 5Ks. Beginner runners welcome!
Ski and Snowboard Club Alexsis Venter
alexsis.venter [at]
We gather student, who ski or snowboard, and organize trips based on passes and/or skill level. Beginners are welcome!
Skills USA Doc Viola
doc.viola [at]
We are a partnership of students, teachers, and industry workers, who come together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We provide events and competitions to support Career Technical Education.
Spanish Club Veronica Chavez
veronica.chavez [at]
We share Hispanic/ Latin culture and traditions with the ACC community.
Student Government Association Dan Balski
dan.balski [at]
Our members participate in leadership development activities, serve on college and system-wide committees, plan events, and represent ACC students.
Student Veterans of America (SVA) Dawn Stratton
dawn.stratton [at]
Active service members, veterans, reservist, or honorary members come together for meetings and fun activities, and can access to resources.
Study Abroad Association Trish Sangelo
trish.sangelo [at]
We expand students’ educational horizons by traveling abroad.
Transfer Club Shari Culver
shari.culver [at]
We assist and support our members in transferring to a four year institution.
Writers Studio Club Andrea Mason
andrea.mason [at]
We promote and generate interest in creative writing.