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Tips for a Healthy Spring Break

About a year ago, we were forced to embrace this new virtual experience. Since then, it has been called life. We have all been through a lot and deserve an enjoyable, safe spring break. But what does that look like? You tell me!

In contrast to the traditional blowouts at the beach, there are many ways to make the most of your extra time. Maybe you are getting involved and helping your community, going on a trip or hike, or just planning to keep it simple at home. However you choose to spend your break, we only ask that you do it safely! Some advice for you is to focus on the areas that bring balance back into your life. Stress and everything else that keeps us running at 100 miles an hour can be managed with attention and care. Oh ya…and take some time away from the screens and monitors. Your eyes will thank you!

Here are some other useful tips to keep in mind...

Rejuvenate: Make some time for sleep! I know you want to make the most out of your break, but rest is vital for optimum body performance.

Be Active: Get outside, go to the gym or find something to get your body moving.

Wear sunscreen: Sunburn is an easy way to kill the fun, and it hurts!

Sunglasses: We are in Colorado…need I say more? Even if you are traveling to hit the beach, make sure you protect yourself and look good while doing it!

Eat right: Fuel your body to maximize your spring break adventures.

Drink Responsibly: Know your limits if you decide to consume alcohol. Hydrate with water between drinks, and don’t drive intoxicated!

Play Safe: If you choose to be sexually active, use a condom to protect yourself from STI’s and unwanted pregnancy. ALWAYS receive consent before any sexual activity. An enthusiastic yes and mutual agreement always makes for a better experience.

And in the times of COVID, don’t forget all those things we have been doing for the last year: wear your mask, keep social distance, and isolate if you feel ill. Let’s all do our part to stop the spread!

If you find it hard to decompress, relax, and take care of yourself, you should consider talking to someone about how you feel. ACC has no-charge, confidential mental health counseling available to you. Contact the Dean of Students Office at 303.797.5730 or acc [dot] dos [at] arapahoe [dot] edu for an appointment today!

Drop me a line and let me know what you are doing to enjoy this Spring Break safely! Contact me at brian [dot] bator [at] arapahoe [dot] edu.