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ACC Updates 092120

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Email communication sent from ACC President Diana M. Doyle, Ph.D. on Monday, September 21, 2020.

Good Morning, Everyone,

I hope this update finds you healthy and safe. In my conversations with faculty, classes – now into week 5 – seem to be progressing well as students have settled into a fall semester routine. Services also are progressing positively forward, with the Library & Learning Commons and a computer lab on each campus open for students to access. Students are learning, being advised, receiving financial assistance, and getting their needs met thanks to all your good work and dedication!

Fall Semester Moving Forward

At this point in time, as long as the impact of COVID-19 remains stable, we should not see changes to fall semester operations. We are prepared, however, to pivot to greater remote instruction and college functions should circumstances change as we move into fall and latter stages of the semester.  

Masks / Facial Coverings

We currently are still under orders from the State (Governor’s Executive Order) and Tri-County Health Department to wear appropriate masks/facial coverings in indoor public spaces. The Governor’s current EO is scheduled to expire on October 12th if it is not extended at that time. Tri-County’s health order regarding masks is in effect until October 24th, if not extended at that time. The wearing of masks and facial coverings on ACC’s campuses is working, as evidenced by the low numbers of reported COVID-19 positive cases. Let’s keep up the great work regarding self-responsibility and community-responsibility during COVID-19.  

Changes to Personal Travel Procedures

As of September 11, 2020, Employees are no longer required to disclose personal travel. However, self-responsibility means taking care of yourself and being mindful of the wellbeing of people around you while traveling within your community, traveling to other states, traveling internationally, and upon your return. It is recommended that employees research their travel destination to be fully informed of what they may experience at that location. There are some states outside of Colorado that require visitors to quarantine when visiting their state. There are also restrictions for international travel when traveling to certain international locations. Additional information can be found here.

If an employee becomes ill as a result of personal travel, follow the call-in procedure as determined by your supervisor and submit an Employee Self-Isolation or Required Quarantine Report Form. HR will contact the employee and supervisor to discuss the specific circumstances.

Spring Semester

While it’s still too early to know for sure what life during COVID-19 will look like in January, the plan right now is to begin spring semester in a similar format to fall semester – for instruction, services, and operations. Currently, faculty and instructional staff are crafting the spring semester course schedule and delivery modes, and plan to have it finalized and ready for public viewing beginning October 5th. While registration for spring semester will not begin until November, the month-long lead time will give students and staff ample planning time. Again, the intent is to mirror closely the course delivery options and modes as fall semester.  

For the non-instructional areas of the college (student programs and services, fiscal services, activities, etc.), the plan right now is also to begin spring semester very similarly to fall semester. This includes a few weeks of increased on-campus services and employee cohort rotation for pertinent offices in order to serve students in those critical first weeks of a new semester. Just as we did in August, as we get closer to January, supervisors will contact employees who will need to be on campus to help start the new semester onsite. More information on this will be forthcoming later this semester.  

Teamwork Makes All The Difference

We all know that life during COVID-19 presents all kinds of challenges for all of us, both professionally and personally. Please reach out to each other to check-in on how your colleagues are doing. Reach out also to those outside of your own department – fellow ACC-ers from different areas or campuses you would have come into contact with if we were all on campus right now. This small gesture will make all the difference in their day and yours.  

As we keep our goals of providing students with the best education during COVID-19’s impact, as well as work to curtail the spread of the virus to ensure the wellbeing of employees and students, your continued dedication and teamwork – whether teaching or working on campus or remotely –  keeps ACC strong. Thank you – It takes all of us! 

A big honkin’ ACC THANK YOU also goes out to all who helped staff the welcome tables and centers so that students could find their way and get accustomed to an unusual new academic year.

Peace and be well,