FLEX Classrooms

Learn New or Update Your Computer Skills with a FLEXible Schedule

“High proficiency in software like Microsoft Excel is increasingly helping people land jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports based on data from career analysis firm Burning Glass Technologies.” - Fortune Magazine March 2015

ACC has an alternative way for students who require a more FLEXible schedule to complete courses. These FLEX courses are a great way to gain computer knowledge, get the 1-3 credits you may need, and the computer skills employers want.

Learn to harness the power of:

Microsoft Word - CIS 135 - 3 credits

Microsoft Excel - CIS 155 - 3 credits

Microsoft Powerpoint - CIS 161 - 1 credit

Microsoft Access – CIS 145 - 3 credits
The Internet and much more!

What is a FLEX class like?

If you see "TBA" for the Time for FLEX classes in the ACC catalog, just ignore it! Our classes do not meet at specific times. You work when it is convenient for you.

This class is a cross between a face-to-face class and an independent study class. It is an instructor-supported/self-directed class with individualized due dates. As a FLEX student, you will be required to come to the classroom at specific times for an orientation, to turn in homework and to take the two exams for the class.  Otherwise, YOU have YOUR choice of times to come into the classroom and complete your assignments or you may choose to work in your own environment. The classroom will be open approximately 30 hours per week each week. When the classroom is open there is an instructor available to assist you.

Check out what a FLEX Classroom looks like.

What does a FLEX class cost?

A FLEX class is not considered an online class. The cost will be the same as taking a class on campus and is charged per credit hour.

See our Tuition and Fees page for pricing.

Is FLEX right for you?

  1. I am self-motivated and ready to Move Mountains.
  2. I am capable of managing my time effectively and meeting deadlines.
  3. It is important for me to take this class (for my job or my degree).
  4. I like to get things done ahead of schedule.
  5. I like to work independently.
  6. Classroom discussions often confuse or frustrate me.
  7. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer to read and figure out the instructions on my own.
  8. I consider myself a good reader and rarely have problems understanding assignments.
  9. I get frustrated when a class is going too fast or too slow for me.
  10. I am good at reading and then applying what I read.

If this sounds right for you, what are you waiting for? Register for a FLEX course today and begin Moving Mountains!