Journalism and Contemporary Media

You’ve always had a love for journalism.

…When you were a kid, you loved interviewing people and staging pretend newscasts.
…In high school, you worked on the school paper, the literary magazine, or the yearbook staff.
…You may have a blog or your own website.
…You may have a small business that needs marketing materials—both in print and online.

You’re ready to gain a broad range of skills for the changing field of journalism and media and for careers in Public Relations, Communication, Lobbying, Training, or Marketing.

Whether you’re seeking the technical skills to create a powerful website or online publication or the writing skills to earn you a place on the staff at a national newspaper or magazine, Arapahoe Community College's new Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Contemporary Journalism will get you there.

You can earn a complete AAS Degree in Contemporary Journalism which will help you start a career in journalism or transfer to a university.

If you prefer, you can pursue one of our three 18-credit-hour certificates that will provide you with skills in:

  • Writing and Reporting
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Multimedia Graphic Design

If you choose to pursue the degree, we’ll help you line up an exciting hands-on internship with a local media group or publication to help you get real experience and build a résumé.


Call or email Contemporary Journalism Coordinator Jamey Trotter at 303.797.5794 or

We share your enthusiasm and will help you reach your goals!